Enough! Property Owners Suing Over Seattle Eviction Moratorium Laws

Seattle, Washington


group of landlords have banded together against the city of Seattle over COVID housing regulations. “I’m being forced to act as a welfare agency,” said one of the landlords and plaintiffs of the case. Seattle has established rules which protect renters from evictions during the pandemic. While a noble cause, in theory, consequences run far and wide.

Seattle’s local King 5 station reported on the story after the entire state of Washington “extended a ban on renter evictions through Oct. 15 as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Seattle’s mayor extended a city ban through the end of 2020.”

Specifically, “the landlords and the Rental Housing Association of Washington are challenging the six-month set of restrictions, as well as a ban on winter evictions, alleging the rules heap an enormous amount of stress and responsibility on property owners, many of whom rent out one or two units.”

One of the landlords is owed $5,000 by his current tenants. “There have to be repercussions for lack of paying,” he said.  Seattle’s Attorney Office responded, saying, “We intend to defend the City in this matter, and we’ll begin investigating the claims.”

The six-month rule was passed by the City Council in May to add a level of protection for those economically affected by the pandemic’s “ripple effects.” One of the bill sponsors and Council President Lorena Gonzalez,  said of the rule, “Tenants may use this defense if needed, but this bill does not release renters of their contractual obligations to pay their monthly rent. If you are a tenant who can afford to pay your rent in full, you absolutely should.”

Earlier this month another group of property owners sued the state and City of Seattle. The owners said of Seattle’s COVID-19 evictions moratoriums that “the laws violate landlords’ rights to freely use and occupy their property.”


  1. The Marxists on the Left plan to take all private property away! they are coming for all property owners and even homeowners! They think that is equity! VOTE THEM OUT BEFORE THEY STEAL WHAT YOU WORKED FOR ALL YOUR LIFE!

  2. Translation: City of Seattle: “It’s your property. You pay taxes on it. You are responsible for maintaining it up to code. But other people get to live there for free. Until we bankrupt you, then it’s our property.”

  3. I think that is the goal of why they are doing it! They know that property owners need to pay for the property. Some are living from the rent paid from the renters and now they are in danger of losing not only their rentals, but their home they are living in. The state needs to pay the land owners and then figure out how to get it back. They did this over a fake PLANDEMIC! The numbers are fake and they continue to keep everyone on house arrest EXCEPT the ‘peaceful protesters’ because they are a part of this evil plan.

  4. Sad but true.

  5. The property owners need to stop paying taxes and performing any maintenance until they are made whole…

  6. We are being asked to be the lender of last resort and make tenants sign a repayment agreement. How is a family who is only allowed to work part time gonna pay their current rent and bills and back rent. My tenant owes $9000 even if they were able to pay an extra $500 a month that’s 18 months to catch up that means I’ve waited 2 yrs to get paid. I think the Govt. should come up with a plan where the banks have a loan program to allow renters to get a loan at a very low interest rate and allow a 72 month payback. The loan would allow the renter to only have an extra $125 month to pay the bank and the landlord would be paid immediately. Large corporations get money immediately,landlords take it up the … Unfair.

  7. Why not just state the obvious, that Seattle’s pandering jacks-in-office enact a blatantly illegitimate “taking” contrary to the Bill of Rights Amendment V, not to mention the 14th Amendment’s “due process” clause regarding “equal protection under law”– a bane on would-be Commissars’ and Gauleiters’ claim to autarchic State see-saws.

    Better yet: How’s about officious electees “sharing the pain” by suffering public-sector salary discounts proportional to income confiscations they so blithely inflict on productive private citizens, the city’s demagogically calumniated “good bourgeois”? Playing the Farrakhan/Jackson/Sharpton race-card would perforce impact free-lunch BLM rioters and related Rat confreres.

  8. We owned rental property all our lives. When we retired, we sold it all because we wouldn’t have the income any more to make the necessary expenses if our tenants stiffed us.
    Put the money in the stock market and it’s done better for us there. Wish that I had known that years ago – would have saved a lot of problems.

  9. Not only that, but you must be paying high property taxes on top of it all.

  10. You are just putting the problem somewhere else on someone else. How about opening the states and stop this madness on a virus where there is a survivable rate of 99.99%. They want to force everyone to lose their property in the name of communism…..

  11. This is the beginning of socialism and Marxism where the state assumes control over all properties. I hope the Biden/Harris supporters are lining up for this plan of equality. You Democrats please pull your heads out of the ground before it is to late.

  12. While the left cheers for all the “FREE” stuff – people with money are leaving those cities. Soon the left will learn there is no such thing as “FREE” when the people who were paying for ALL that “FREE” s**t are gone.

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