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Even CNN Admits Not Distinguishing Patients Hospitalized ‘With’ or ‘For’ COVID-19 is ‘Misleading’

Finally, Tapper gets it. Republican leadership such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis has been making the demand for clear reporting all along.

It’s such a bummer for the leftwing media when reporting the facts is not symbiotic with their preferred narrative. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief Dr. Rochelle Walensky has appeared on multiple news platforms in recent days saying, among other things, that the “overwhelming number of deaths” from COVID-19 was already unwell, having had “at least four comorbidities.”

She also noted the new hospital reports which distinguish those hospitalized for COVID-19 versus those who are hospitalized for a different reason but test positive for the virus during routine screening before admission. Those reports show roughly 42% of patients who test positive for COVID-19 were in fact admitted to the hospital for an unrelated reason.

CNN’s Jake Tapper admits not distinguishing between the two types of patients is, in fact, “misleading.”

“So, the hospitals are still stretched thin because of this so I’m not trying to take away from that, but if 40% in some hospitals, 40% of the people with COVID don’t necessarily have problematic COVID, they’re there because they got into a car accident, they’re there because, you know, they bumped their head, and they’re being included as in the hospital with COVID, that number seems kind of misleading,” Tapper said Monday.

“Yeah, I agree Jake,” CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta replied to Tapper. “It surprises me that they have not been able to parse out that data more carefully. I think the data that Dr. Walensky is quoting is from New York State, we’ve been following that data as well … There needs to be transparency about that, in terms of for or with COVID.”

“Yeah, we’re two years into this and we need the clearest picture possible,” Tapper said. “If somebody’s in the hospital with a broken leg and they also have asymptomatic COVID, that should not count as being hospitalized with COVID, clearly.”

Exactly. Finally, Tapper gets it. Republican leadership such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis has been making the demand for clear reporting all along. Even New York’s Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul just asked New York hospitals to provide the updated numbers after she noticed COVID-19 numbers were going up, but hospitalization rates were holding steady.

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