Baltimore ex-con turned activist proposes paying murderers not to kill to help reduce crime

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Tyree Moorehead, an ex-convict who spent over a decade in prison for a second-degree murder conviction when he was 15, proposed a ridiculous idea on how to curb Baltimore’s murder epidemic. 

Moorehead believes those involved in shootings “want money,” so the best way to reduce homicide rates is to “pay killers to stop killing,” BizPacReview reports. 

Despite this outrageous proposal, Moorehead seems adamant on stopping the murder streak in Baltimore, one of the most violent cities in America. 

He even spent years using graffiti to cordon off hundreds of “No Shoot Zones,” encouraging locals to participate. 

There are nearly 200 “No Shoot Zones” across the Baltimore area, most of them sprayed by Moorehead, WJZ News reported in 2019. 

Any time a woman or multiple people are murdered, Moorehead establishes a “No Shoot Zone” in hopes of getting “the shooters to listen,” he said. 

Though the gesture is sincere, it doesn’t do much to stop the problem at hand. As of mid-February, Baltimore had already experienced dozens of shootings and murders. 

Moorehead is now suggesting that the city pay killers to not murder people

“I can relate to the shooters. Guess what they want. They want money. I’ve talked to these people, I’ve seen the shooters. It’s a small city, I know who the hustlers are,” he said in an interview. 

“I can’t stop the shootings. No one in this world has proven to stop the shootings, not even the church. But what we can do is put them in compliance.” 

What an absurd idea. 

Moorehead, a former gang member, estimates he shot about 20 people while he was a teenager between 13 and 15 years old, according to BizPacReview. He served 11 years in prison for attempted murder. 

Upon his final release from prison in 2012, he began his “anti-violence work.” 


  1. No shoot zone graffiti works about as well as all those gun free zone signs. Criminals don’t care ! This idiot is just another attention ho.

  2. Who is this guy trying to fool? These gang members shoot over turf. They want to increase their turf so that can sell drugs to more people that reside in that expanded area of control. Paying them does not change their desires to expand. In fact, it will give them more money to buy even more drugs which will fuel the need to expand their turf resulting in even more shooting. Not fooled a bit by this guy’s warped logic.

  3. What is the requirements for this? Does someone need to have murdered at least 5 people? Asking for a friend who want’s to know if he should start.

    Can the 99% of the population who don’t go around killing people get in on it?

    Do you get paid more if you don’t kill more people? I saw 100,000 people on TV last night I didn’t kill – when can I expect my check? I figure $100,000 (at $1/head) sounds reasonable.

    And BTW there is a way to stop a killer from killing – its called execution.

  4. Hoodlum logic. Sure, bring the city down to the level of lowest criminal element. It’s a voluntary protection racket where the price goes up daily. Who says crime doesn’t pay. The same pretzel logic of the no shooting zone. Not here but, go across the street and do all the shooting and killing you want. Why don’t they have a no illegal gun zone?
    Intentions might be good but it’s in an elementary muggers mentality box.
    Opinionated conjecture

  5. Ridiculous. Let’s pay people to not breed irresponsibly. Let’s pay people to not do drugs. Let’s pay people who do not litter. Let’s pay people for sitting on their hinter cheeks for doing nothing. Let’s pay people for not breaking into the homes of others. Why not, we are paying and caring for those who invade our country. The mentality and morals in this country are down the tubes. Yep, another mafia mentality. Pay me, pay me, pay me, pay me.

  6. Fantastic idea, Tyree. Let’s make the whole city a no shoot zone. Maybe the whole country. Problem solved! Also a no cancer zone, a no Covid zone, a no drug zone…

  7. At least he is trying! And on his own dime! It’s as likely to succeed as victim-full zones ((gun free zones) or Biden’s ludicrous gun control ideas.

  8. We should start shooting the shooters again like the police used to do!
    “Violence is the tool of the ignorant, and the more ignorant they are,the MOre violence you MUST use”
    It’s a simple solution. Just let the POLICE do their JOB!

  9. You say he seems “sincere”. He is not. He is a prime example with what has gone off the rails in this country. My mind cannot bend around the fact that Greg Jarrett is willing to waste our time reading this crap.

  10. Baltimore’s Rapper Moorehead, Just May get a gig with the Baltimore City Gov, to “PAY THUGS NOT TO MURDER” others in their City. Baltimore City Gov seems to be run by Thugs, who are Typical DEMS, the ”NON-VIOLENT” RAPPER would fit-in with these Parasites.

  11. People who think the way this guy does, do so because [drum roll] – THEY ARE CRIMINALS! SURPRISE!

  12. So, how do you identify all of the murderers and know who to buy off? All of the known murderers are either in prison, or for those who’ve served their time they were completely rehabilitated by the leftist prison rehab programs in the communist/democrat run prison system.

  13. Why not? We pay members of Congress a shameful amount of money hoping they will one day be grateful enough to actually do something for us rather than themselves.

  14. 2nd Amendment. That’s the solution. Arm everyone. Watch the shootings nearly dissappear. It’s proven time and time again across the country.

  15. Reinstate capital punishment.. Problem solved and cheaper than paying criminals off. We are a law and order country, at least we use to be.

  16. I’d rather pay excons that pay for illegal immigrants to live on US government gravy train. 🤔

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