**UPDATE** The reporter was identified as Reuters photographer Josh Roberts. Rep Matt Gaetz made the announcement that he was taking pics of Democratic Representatives’ notes, and had been removed from the hearing.


Rep Gaetz stated, “Before I make my point, during the break, a Reuters photographer, Josh Roberts, approached the dais and took pictures of the notes [on] the desks of several of my Democratic colleagues. We noticed that, announced it to staff. That photographer has been removed. I would just say, no member, Republican or Democrat, should be subject to that.”

Original Story:
During the recess of today’s house judiciary hearing on impeachment, two members of the press decided to walk up to the desk of a Republican Representative and took at least one picture of the notes that they left on their desk. Rep. Devin Nunes retweeted the video with the caption “media spy games.”

It is unclear who the two members of the press are, but this merely feeds into the many reasons why conservatives and free-thinking individuals alike do not trust members of the media.

This appears to be a desperate move to try to get information on an opponent. When these members of the press are identified, they should be called out by their peers for their extreme unprofessionalism and bias.

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  1. So, this could be a Russian or Ukrainian… aiming to take up info for foreign agenda. This could be a press member hired by the WH to see who is loyal to the president.

  2. Reuters should be given the options
    Either discredit, disassociate and shun this unscrupulous fool, or disallow Reuters reporters from Congress AND White House grounds .

  3. Makes you sick to see what has been done – 3 years of impeachment and investigations on our President – Only Fox News tell the American voter the truth. Hitler and Stalin owned the media which lied to their people. What happened – the people believed what the media was telling them – there was no other radio or paper that objected – this is what NBC and CNN do daily to the American people, the brain washing never ends. Trump is a fighter – my liberal daughter says he fights dirty! With bums like the gutter Dems, you have to. There has to be a movement in America to stop the corrupt Dems so they are kicked out of office. The biggest liar every to serve in Congress is Adam Schiff and he goes on the hate Trump media daily now and tells more lies. History will not be kind to the current Dem. So someone, please someone – shart the movement, please

  4. Talk about the Military Industrial Complex… This is the Social Liberal Main Stream Media Industrial Complex and it is worse…

  5. What about the so called 3 security police watching him do it? They should be fired then charged and I hope the photographers camera was confiscated.and WHY were people allowed to get so close to the congress and senates seats?

  6. This is what 45 accomplished, both national and international, good behaviour has become worthless, everybody does whatever he likes, whatever brings the most money, everybody says whatever he wants, even if we know it are lies, the truth has become unimportant, nobody cares anymore. despotism is on the rise, the world is going down the drain.

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