FBI Arrests Epstein’s Accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell


n the coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s human trafficking and underage sex rings, one name continued to come up: Ghislaine Maxwell. Many of Epstein’s victims recounted that Maxwell approached them and “recruited” them into Epstein’s life in the fast lane, in exchange for sexual favors. Maxwell, however, has completely evaded the public eye and media frenzy, until now. FBI agents arrested Maxwell in New Hampshire this morning.

Maxwell is next expected to appear in federal court. The daughter of the British media mogul Robert Maxwell, Epstein victims including Virginia Roberts Giuffre said Ghislaine “groomed” young women to have sex with Epstein as well as any of his confidants and friends such as Prince Andrew. A photo surfaced of Giuffre and Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II in a Paris apartment allegedly after a night clubbing and just before Giuffre was forced to have sex with Andrew.

Maxwell filed a claim on Epstein’s estate in an attempt to inherit his assets, which many argue should be liquified and divided up between his victims. Maxwell’s lawsuit states, “Epstein made a clear and unambiguous promise to Maxwell that he would indemnify Maxwell and advance any expense incurred by reason of her prior employment relationship with him and his affiliated businesses.”

Poor Maxwell, she has “incurred and will continue to incur significant legal fees, personal security costs, and other costs in connection with legal suits, proceedings, and investigations relating to Epstein, his affiliated businesses, and his alleged victims” states the lawsuit. It’s not surprising that Maxwell is as vile a human being as her former colleague, Epstein. After all the crimes she herself committed, all the trauma she caused to young women, some as young as thirteen and fourteen years old, and her focus is to get money from Epstein’s estate.

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  1. I assume in a few weeks she’ll succumb to suicide also.

  2. Can I get the current status of her life?

  3. Let’s hope she doesn’t commit suicide by shooting herself in the head six times and then jumps in the ocean to get eaten by Great White Sharks! Of course Epstein did it!

  4. I expect there will be a case of “suicide” with two bullets to the back of the head of different calibers,or another “hanging” after the prison security cameras are “down”, or the guards will be ‘asleep” again.

  5. just saw on Fox she is being transferred to the same prison that epstein fell asleep with a noose on his neck.

  6. I imagine that Ms. Maxwell is now looking forward to the same fate as her good buddy Epstein. If she ends up in that same Manhattan Detention Center she will be – (hmmm trying to maintain Gregg Jarrett’s standards here) – let’s just say “sweating bullets.” I heard reporting that the good Ms. Maxwell was also a BFF (with benefits) of Bill Clinton. The Predator in Chief must not feel great about the odds that his buddy Ghislaine will keep her mouth shut. Once caught, rich folk like her often rat out their powerful friends. Wonder how long it will be before the Clintons take her out (too)?

  7. I hope she does sing like a canary. The poor girls need to get justice for what they went through. Maxwell doesn’t deserve a dime of his estate.

  8. You know the Clintons need some new underwear about now. They ruined what they had on when they heard the news. IF Maxwell suffers the same fate as Epstein how can the Clintons not be immediate suspects? Maxwell should have round the clock guards who are told if anything happens to her they will spend the rest of their lives in prison without the possibility of parole and very limited visitation. Maxwell is not the type who will do well in prison – she will be singing like a canary to get a deal – ALL the “Girls” seem to feel empowered to come forward now too. Maybe finally the Clintons will face JUSTICE – and ALL of their lies will be exposed.

  9. Why did it take this long?


  11. IF THEY CAN KILL EPSTEIN IN A Federal jail, she’s NO problem.

  12. Watch for the hysteria to ratchet up as November approaches. The Cabal’s only hope now is to defeat PRESIDENT Trump. I intend to do my part to thwart that hope.

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