A new report from the Wall Street Journal is shedding more light on the US government’s Foreign Surveillance Court system; revealing a judge ruled last year that the FBI had violated the rights of American citizens.

“U.S. discloses ruling last year by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that FBI’s data queries of U.S. citizens were unconstitutional,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“Some of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s electronic surveillance activities violated the constitutional privacy rights of Americans swept up in a controversial foreign intelligence program, a secretive surveillance court has ruled,” adds the WSJ. “The ruling deals a rare rebuke to U.S. spying activities that have generally withstood legal challenge or review.”


U.S. discloses ruling last year by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that FBI’s data queries of U.S. citizens were unconstitutional

The FISA court system was thrust into the national headlines after former and current State Department and DOJ officials allegedly used the system to obtain warrants against members of President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

This is a developing story. Read the full report at the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Will liberal media even bother to tell their clueless uninformed viewers and listeners ? Probably not, if they do they’ll spin this news as invalid in some way to support the corrupted morons they have supported all along since the day Trump got the nomination.

  2. If the Court ruled against the spying on citizens then it is also illegal against our President Trump!

  3. This ruling should make it possible to appeal all those convictions of crimes leveled at President Trump’s supporters, and possibly to get reparations of all the money that they had to spend on lawyers and fines. Why are we just now hearing about this ruling??!

  4. I wish we could send your excellent. on target remarks to Facebook and other social media! You are the most knowledgeable commentator on issues that are great importance to the public and should be able to send your comments out to those who are in the dark as to the absolute traitorous former administration that are Great job still fighting the election of President Trump! Great job Jarrett and keep up the good work because the media is obviously 90 percent against this President and we need the truth told! Bless you!

  5. Took only four years to go from Snowden’s allegations to this. Sure looks like the Dems support corruption of character as well as economic.

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