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ootnotes from the Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s December review of the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Ace (FISA) abuse will be declassified.  The footnotes, which were previously redacted from the Inspector General report is “expected to raise questions about prior FBI assessment of key informant” according to Just The News.

Apparently, the declassified sections could be given to key Senate and House committees within the week. One source with direct knowledge said the information will “make clear the FBI possessed information at multiple levels that undercut the evidence it was using to sustain a collusion investigation.” Even more provocative, the source says the information is enough to reinvigorate the debate as to “whether the FBI intentionally ignored red flags or simply was blinded by ambition from seeing them clearly.”

In January of this year, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) requested four footnotes from the Horowitz report be declassified in a letter to Attorney General William Barr.

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William Barr

Grassley and Johnson wrote Barr, “We are concerned that certain sections of the public version of the report are misleading because they are contradicted by relevant and probative classified information redacted in four footnotes.” The added redaction was necessary because the classified information not only “contradicts key statements in a section of the report, but also because it provides insight essential for an accurate evaluation of the entire investigation.”

Sources told Just The News that “key revelations” include “specific red flags raised inside the bureau’s intelligence files that Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent whose anti-Trump dossier played a key role in the collusion probe, could have been the victim of Russian disinformation through his contacts with Russian oligarchs.”

Not only does the information show Christopher Steele may have been given false information, but “will expose more problems with the FBI’s investigation into President Trump’s campaign, including that agents” themselves possessed information that Steele had been victimized with false information.


  1. I’m thinking that the fbi is in a lose lose situation and in no way can come out of this with any credibility, however, I don’t think anyone should hold their breath waiting for any prosecutions!!

  2. They need to prosecute with the stiffest penalties the law allows.

  3. It is disappointing that Director Wray appears to have done very little to clean house at the FBI. There are others still in the FBI who were party to the deception to the FISA court and their intentional unwarranted search for evidence against President Trump while ignoring the facts that Hillary had violated the laws. These biased decisions were done by the team and not just a few leaders.

  4. It has become very clear Director Wray, is not up to the task of a clean sweep Fore and Aft.
    That being said, there has to be at least one individual either Male or Female with a Bar Card, that has the Integrity and Honesty to perform the job.

  5. The global elists the deep swamp, Iran, Russia Communist China are all in it together
    They want to be rid of Trump and want a one World “GOVERNMENT” PERIOD.

  6. TRUE

  7. Steele was no victim. He was in bed with the Russians. He knew excatly what he was doing and so did the dishonest FBI agents that worked with him.

  8. FBI needs to be de-funded, disbanded & rebuilt back to “Integrity, & Honesty Standards”..
    Sadly, they are no longer trusted.

  9. Ok. So whoever it was that was responsible for “redacting” supposed classified information is clearly a deep state operative. Because those specific foot notes MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in opinion of that section of the report. How obvious can you be.
    And then I heard yesterday while listening to one of Rush Limbaugh’s pod casts. That Christopher Steele was TOTALLY biased against the Trump campaign and didn’t want him either. So this steele, WILLINGLY took wrong information to try and accomplish what he did. So it’s ALL out there now. And no one has handcuffs. This really is quite frustrating. But to hear more about Durham tho. And WHAT was said about THAT investigation. Has given me hope that people WILL PAY for what they’ve done to this presidency.

  10. As a former Democrat I am appalled and how intellectually, morally and politically corrupt the Party has become. For it to have seriously entertained the scurrilous charges against Donald Trump on evidence so flimsy and unsubstantial as the Steele Report is truly frightening. The entire case against Trump was a fabrication from the outset as we are learning now.

    Whether one is liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, we must see to it that nothing like this ever happens again. We need a THOROUGH housecleaning of our intelligence agencies, federal law enforcement (primarily the FBI) and the Department of Justice. Nothing less will suffice.

  11. The FBI, has become a huge parof the “deep state ” a once honorable and proud institution should now be held ACCOUNTABLE fot these CRIMINAL DEEDS. WHY IS COMEY, STILL WALKING AROUND FREE? THEN HOW ABOUT THE rest of the EVIL CABAL that was a part of these crimes. They all should be arrested and charged with TREASON AND SEDITION, ANF THEN “GITMO”.


  13. Get rid og WRAY.

  14. ARREST and charge them and then off to GITMO.

  15. Does this mean that there are members and former of the FBI who lied to Congress and/or the FISA court? When will we se the indictments?

  16. The Democrat party is the most immoral corrupt political party in US history.

  17. Can anything move slower than an investigation into government? The whole shooting match in DC is a self renewing swamp and swamp dwellers are among the most secure creatures anywhere.

  18. We can only hope these scum will be held accountable and sent to GITMO.

  19. Christopher Wray is not a ‘clean’ player. He should never be the Director of the FBI. I watched his confirmation and kept shouting at the TV, don’t appoint him, he’s not on the up-and-up. I personally think he is part of the Deep State. He’s not done a thing to improve the FBI. As long as he is Director, I will never have faith in the FBI. And I think there will be no prosecutions and the same corruption will continue, especially if the Demons have their way.

  20. Steel was paid for by the Clinton campaign but he had access to the highest officials thru Madam Clinton’s network of gov’t officials who were used to spread the cancerous lies that had the nation screaming that Trump was a Russian asset. Rational people were babbling this nonsense daily on TV and in newspapers. We have yet to hear ONE apology, not to Trump, but to the American public they so lie about representing. The media is a bottom line corporation and represents no one but the corporation. There is no free press only corporate lackeys and bought and paid for low rent reporters.

  21. Steel had Russian sources BUT it seems he made up the entire dossier from whole cloth then attributed ti to Russian sources who in the end denied everything he wrote about. It was all a HOAX without any foundation. Russian disinformation was a very small part of this lunacy. The new narrative will be that the FBI was duped. They were selling participants in this travesty run by the CIA’s Brennan. Mueller was a complete du[pe being run by Andrew Weissman a Clinton minion.

  22. FBI has been operating as a rogue agency for decades.. They have been untouchable and you know how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They lie to Congress without fear of anything. They utilize phony information to get wiretaps.

    The DOJ turns a blind eye to their overreach in criminal cases, particularly when organized crime is concerned. Fact is they could not catch a cold much less a real criminal without breaking every rule in the book. Just take a look at some high profile hostage cases. Waco was an unmitigated wreck.Children were sacrificed on the alter of their ego. Ruby Ridge was a murder are and simple. Yet NO independent investigation. Congress was silent.

    The Boston FBI were in league with criminals and protected murders because they could not do their jobs without working with criminal insiders. Just reading those text messages between the “lovers” should give anyone pause since they sounded like two teenaged goofballs. Yet they were “higher ups” in FBI. What a national disgrace and a JOKE. Except of course the individuals rotting in jail on bogus investigations and charges might not be so understanding. No reform. Just disband them and start over.

  23. Every far leftist political group in the world seeks to utilize the police powers to advance their ideology. It is the very nature of radical leftism. Control, power and punishment of “enemies of the State” is their reason for existence. NOT to govern free people. Not to represent their citizens. Not to have a peaceful and prosperous society. Not none of these things are part of their ideology. All the talk about the workingman and “fairness” is just the noise used to distract people while they subvert whatever nation is dumb enough to let them gain any power at all. Radical leftism and Communism are cancers and will in the end kill the society that they enter. The Obama Administration used the CIA/FBI as their political controllers and spyied on every candidate running in 2016 not just Trump. Those Rice unmasking of Americans was just the tip of a very dirty iceberg.

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