Former CBS Reporter One Of The First ‘To Identify Myself As A Target of Illegal Spying Under Obama Admin’

Sharyl Attkisson
Sharyl Attkisson


resident Donald Trump has deemed the unjust surveillance on some of his campaign officials during the 2016 elections “Obamagate.” As of late, a flood of documents has been released from 2016 and 2017 which shows the Obama administration and intelligence officials knowingly used false information about Russian collusion to justify surveillance and abuse of intelligence resources.

Apparently, what we have come to know is just the tip of the iceberg. Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson has come forth saying this is only the latest development in a decade-long battle. In an interview with Mediate, Attkisson said, “I would say I may not be one of the first victims, but I am one of the first people who was able to identify myself as a target of illegal spying under the Obama administration.”

Mediate reports that Attkisson has “long asserted that the feds wrongfully surveilled her electronic devices from 2011-14, part of an operation tied to her reporting on the Justice Department’s botched ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running scheme.” Then in 2012, she was targeted for her reporting on the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Apparently, what we have come to know is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I believe many, many others were spied on but do not know” said Attkisson. “It was only thanks to help from intelligence contacts that I even learned that government agents were spying me. Otherwise, I never suspected it or would have known.”

Attkisson filed a lawsuit which was dismissed last year, but in January she reopened the case telling the court she had new information provided by a “whistleblower.” According to court filings, the information implicates five specific individuals, including the Obama administration’s U.S. attorney for Maryland, Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein “ordered the unlawful surveillance and hacking” of Attkisson’s devices, and “subsequently served as Trump’s deputy attorney general, a capacity in which he appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump’s staffers” reports Mediaite.

Rosenstein has denied charges; his attorney wrote “nowhere do the Attkissons provide any more information to credit their accusations based on this supposed anonymous source.” Anonymous sources; another hot topic.

Attkisson blames departments for protecting its own, “regardless of which president is in power.” “Prior to becoming attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions told an acquaintance he was well aware of what had happened to me with the government computer intrusions, and that it was shameful” Attkisson told Mediaite. “But when he became attorney general, the Justice Department continued using taxpayer funds to fight my case. Numerous members of Congress for years, including several of them recently, have asked the FBI and Justice Department for information about the case, under two presidents, multiple attorneys general and multiple FBI directors, but they continue to get stiff-armed.” Sessions resigned in 2018.

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  1. Empty can liberal syndrome on this board, if you can beat them, bore them.

  2. Let this sink in.

    ALL investigations on US Citizens within the US requires at least Reasonable Suspicion; this is the initial evidence that there is potential for a crime, but it must be tangible evidence. It must be Reasonable enough to obtain a warrant to open an investigation.This even holds true for US Citizens in foreign countries, but that’s under CIA jurisdiction, not FBI. Reasonable Suspicion is not required when investigating Foreign Agents, whether they are in the US or another nation.
    Spying is what happens before obtaining a warrant, Surveillance is what happens after obtaining a warrant; Spying on US Citizens in the US is illegal. There is a Legally-Defined difference between these two terms & determines the precise protocols that rule over the scope of an investigation.
    There’s a difference between a Surveilance Warrant & a Search Warrant; Investigations don’t automatically include the power to conduct a “Search & Invasion.” A limited Warrant like this would need to be court-reviewed to renew and/or expand on the investigation, which they continued to rely on the Steele Dossier to obtain.
    The “Steele Dossier” (not tangible as evidence) did NOT contain sufficient predicate to obtain a Surveillance Warrant (& those particular FBI agents involved knew it) so the FBI committed fraud against the FISC to obtain the FISA Warrant; Conditions of fraud made the FISA warrant invalid & everything that followed from it as illegal.

    Stop supporting traitors, you rube.

  3. Throughout Obama’s campaign, investigative reporters were finding snippet’s of Obama’s past but at each discovery there was a dead end, a sudden void of credible witnesses, acquaintances, school peers, former college professors, no school records were found, his birth certificate was questionable, it someone was discovered whom claimed to have known him they were just as quickly upended in a charade of secrecy. The very first action Obama accomplished was his executive order declaring his life out of bounds, beyond any and all scrutiny, If or when anyone questioned his authoritative order they were declared racist, haters, bigots, politically motivated, and on and on, with the usual DNC mantra’s of denial, with zero transparency yet claims of being the most transparent administration of all times. Sarah Palin began exposing Obama for what he was, and she was exploited by her campaign Presidential running mate. So truth be told Obama was spared any vetting initiative by the opposition. He spent his entire two terms in campaign mode, he spoke using both sides of his ideological mouth. He spoke off the record in public one objective and under oath a totally opposite objective, what the public was exposed to was what he proposed to do, while campaigning but legislatively he opposed most of what he publicly proposed. He lived in a virtual reality frame of mind he thinks, maybe he even believes if you think it, it will magically be so. Remember when he assigned all those problem solving committees for every problem solving purpose. They gathered for a two week period and without one legislative debate or vote the public literally believed it was so. Talk about feeble, gullibility, apparently if it feels good, it must be good. Thats the 2009 – 2016 presidency in perspective.

  4. Sorry for boring you with accurate information.

  5. Oh, now it’s “reasonable suspicion” not “a warrant”.

    You’re just flailing now.

  6. Nope.
    Reasonable Suspicion is the same as what you were calling “the predicate.” They didn’t even have that because the only “predicate” they had was the Steele Dossier & they didn’t even bother to verify it. They relied on *it* & illegally leaked info to the press (which any press story isn’t sufficient as evidence) to get the warrant. In short, *they lied to the court in order to get the warrant* & they knew they were lying. They were already spying on Trump’s campaign *before* they had a warrant, which is illegal; they took two steps of the Due Process of Law *out of order* which invalidates (no longer legally admissible in court as evidence) everything else that followed.
    Your denial of facts that are now in open public source does not make what they did any more valid.

  7. “They didn’t even have that because the only “predicate” they had was the Steele Dossier ”

    *bzzzzt* wrong. You are just ignoring evidence now.

    No one was spying, you’re just a child that believes whatever his TV tells him to believe.

    Stop defending TRAITORS with EXCUSES.

  8. I definitely did. Did you miss these parts?

    The 400-plus page report, released Monday, found that the FBI had ample evidence to open its investigation — despite allegations of political bias. The report found that the bureau’s decision to open an investigation “was in compliance with Department and FBI policies, and we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced” the decision.

    Horowitz said his office “certainly didn’t see any evidence” in FBI or Justice Department files that former President Barack Obama asked the U.S. government to investigate Donald Trump’s campaign, as Trump has charged.

    Nor, Horowitz said, was there any evidence that the Obama administration tapped Trump’s phones at Trump Tower.

    Horowitz also reaffirmed that the so-called Steele dossier, a collection of partly unverified reports about then-candidate Trump, “had no impact” on the bureau’s decision to open the investigation.

    Awww, sorry. Did you let FoxNews tell you what was in that report and just find out how badly you’ve been lied to? Woops!

    You are bad at consuming information. Do better.

  9. *bzzzzt* wrong.
    There was wire-tapping & spies (ie-“human assets”) on members of Trump’s campaign several months (*without* valid FISA warrants) before the actual election in 2016. Have you even read IG Horowitz’s Report on that matter?
    Not only that but Obama Administration was spying on members of Congress, journalists & numerous others long before Trump even announced his campaign for 2016. Long train of FBI abuses on record

    Time to dig a little deeper than Lamestream Media does, so stop defending TRAITORS with EXCUSES.

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