Former FBI Director Chris Swecker told Gregg Jarrett that he is speaking out to apologize to the American people for James Comey’s actions. In an interview for Gregg’s new book Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History, Mr. Swecker says:

“One of the reasons former FBI executives like myself are speaking out like I am… it’s not in our culture to do this…is because we want the public to know that Comey is not a representative of the FBI. He had the shortest tenure of any FBI director in history. He did more damage to the FBI than any FBI director in history, and he did it in only four years. I’d like to say he is an aberration; that he is a mistake.”


In Witch Hunt, Gregg shows that James Comey’s FBI knew there was no credible evidence, but launched a criminal investigation under the guise of a counterintelligence probe. Comey repeatedly lied to Trump about it and continues to lie to the American people to this day.

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  1. Outstanding honesty Director, thank you for your service.


  2. All this accusation and deep state coup de tat is all well and good known scandal but what is frustrating is No One in any of the major key players like Comey, Peter Stract, Brennan and Clapper and Rosen (ex AG) were indicted. All seems to be scath free of any accountability. The only way this can served as a lesson is to have someone or two pay for it. I really feel bad about the General who took the brunt on this scandal, a veteran who did not deserve that outcome. Shame on the big kahunas in the FBI, Intelligence, and CIA. The ranking file of these departments were dodging mad as a result of the misconduct and inappropriate behaviour of their senior leadership.

  3. Comey sure was, and a corrupted piece of sh@t, but so was Obama, Hillary and Brennan, so Comey shouldn’t get all the credit.

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