The numerous stories that result from US Attorney John Durham’s investigation would not be made public until after the election was always silly speculation. Attorney General William Barr had stated on the record that it would happen by the end of the summer.  Both he and Durham are smart enough to realize that anything immediately before or after the election would be politically troublesome.  So, sometime around labor day is the likely conclusion.

Durham has a reputation for being a serious guy who scrupulously follows the law and ignores politics.  He’s an intrepid investigator.  He has far more tools in his box than the DOJ Inspector General whose powers were limited.  So, Durham has a greater chance of uncovering the truth behind the Russia Hoax.

So much of the “collusion” case against Trump was built on the weak foundation of the phony Steele dossier that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. Four days after Trump was inaugurated, the FBI debunked it by interviewing Steele’s primary source, Igor Danchenko. The FBI learned from him that it was nothing more than multiple hearsay from “random associates” and his drinking buddies.  The main accusations were all untrue.

Comey and the FBI should have ended their investigation and withdrawn their spy warrants against Carter Page.  Instead, they concealed the information from Congress, the president, and the American people.  They escalated their investigation of Trump that then evolved into a 22-month long probe by a special counsel who should never have been appointed.  Thus, one illegitimate investigation beget another.

No reasonable person can look at this and not come to the conclusion that it was politically motivated and driven by anti-Trump bias.  How is it possible that a small group of unelected but powerful government officials could convince tens of millions of Americans that Trump was a Russian asset.  It’s outrageous… and the greatest mass delusion in political history.


The Durham criminal investigation appears to be focused on several areas:

Did the FBI abuse their power by launching an investigation of Trump and his campaign in the summer of 2016 for political reasons and without the required legal predicate?

Did U.S. officials out-source intelligence operations to foreign governments to spy on Americans?

Did government officials lie to FISA judges and defraud the court in obtaining warrants to spy on Carter Page?

Was Michael Flynn unfairly targeted for political reasons and was exculpatory evidence deliberately concealed.

Did Obama administration officials unmask incoming Trump officials improperly and for political reasons?

Did people, like John Brennan, make false representations about whether the dossier was used as part of the intelligence assessment?


It’s a mistake to automatically assume there will be a “Durham report,” as is frequently stated in the media.  Any report that reveals the conduct of individuals not indicted is against DOJ rules.  So, Durham would have to obtain a waiver.  He may do that.  But it’s more likely that he will issue several indictments that contain information about his findings or issue both a report and indictments.

Barr has suggested there will be indictments.  But he also said that not all wrongdoing or abuse of power constitutes felony crimes.  That is a key point often overlooked.  Barr is correct.

The evidence is compelling that Comey, McCabe and Strzok were profoundly corrupt and abused their positions of power.  In a just world they’d be indicted for deprivation of rights, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and obstruction and/or perjury.   But I’m not optimistic that this malevolent trio will ever be held accountable.  Why?  Their deviousness worked to their advantage in covering up their bad acts.


  1. Every little bit helps recover from the devastation caused by the Democrats. They are doing everything they can to destroy America. A few should be made an example of. Make them pay for their dishonesty both financially and by imprisonment. But if they can dodge the prison term, make them pay as much as possible.

  2. Durham’s investigation is a criminal investigation including a grand jury. I expect you will see indictments. I just wish he’d announce them now.

  3. HIlary will never be called to account when she was part of the conspiracy let alone her criminal deletion of her emails and destruction of her phones.

  4. or Cuba….

  5. …if that!

  6. You’re worried about a few million dollars when the Union is collapsing.
    Sure, why worry about the little stuff, it’s just other peoples $$$, and when we hit a few trillion then we can talk, right Einstein!

  7. Our debt won’t matter when there is no United States, Dippy.

  8. We are waiting. If indictments don’t start at the top with Obama there will be a reckoning with the Deep State and their Global and media partners. America, our Constitution and Bill of Rights will prevail. The enemies within will be destroyed.

  9. Obama is the ring leader and he must be charged and prosecuted.

  10. They will get off with whatever we allow!


  12. It takes both prison and paying back the money to the American People…..period

  13. The thing that bothers me and many people I know is that Comey virtually indicted Hillary Clinton and then said she would not be prosecuted. It strikes me that the justice department has made a mockery of the notion that the country is a nation of laws.

  14. I don’t share the pessimism that nothing will be done. I do share the pessimism that anyone will be convicted. Comey et al. deserve an indictment at a minimum.

  15. I understand. And some of our money has gone to useless things, and some of our money has gone to plain evil things.

    But, again, how does our debt matter when there isn’t a United States? How does almost anything else matter when there is no United States?

    Does the money mean more to you than the Union?

  16. Oh wow, what a whopper reply, TY Baby Einstein 🙂

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