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Fusion GPS Ordered to Turn Over Emails to Durham

Durham probe reveals more Clinton dirty tricks

The Durham indictments layout in vivid detail how the Russia Collusion Hoax was invented by Hillary Clinton, funded by her campaign, and disseminated to the FBI and the media to frame her opponent, Donald Trump, as a Russian asset.  She did it through an elaborate information-laundering scheme…peddling the phony dossier and fictional computer data that supposedly showed back-channel communications between the Trump Campaign and a Kremlin bank.  It was all a complete fabrication.  But the Trump-hating media ran with it…and helped create the greatest mass delusion in American political history.

The sleazy opp research firm, Fusion GPS run by Glenn Simpson, was instrumental.  The firm has been trying to hide its incriminating records under a bogus attorney-client claim.  But the judge has now ordered Fusion to cough it up 22 of the documents to Durham.  We don’t yet know what’s in them…but Durham will.  He won’t be allowed to show them to the jury, but they’ll likely be useful in exposing the full picture of fraud and corruption.

Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s trial begins this week on the charge that he lied to the FBI about who he was representing when he gave the Bureau the sham documents smearing Trump.  There was no back-channel communication.  It was a mass marketing email server that had nothing to do with Trump.  It was much like the Clinton-funded “dossier.”  It was a couple of Clinton acolytes and sycophants who gave Christopher Steele a collection of lies that he then used for his “dossier.” And all of the people who knew it was fake concealed it and actively covered it up. It’s disgraceful.

It’s gratifying that the hoax is being exposed by Durham, but it’s disappointing that many of the key players who were instrumental in manufacturing it will never be held accountable, especially Hillary Clinton.  This was a conspiracy to defraud the government.  And James Comey’s own malfeasance in exploiting the FBI for partisan purposes was shameful.  And it makes Robert Mueller look like an idiot for not recognizing it for what it was.

But think of the damage done.  A dirty political trick, together with epic media malpractice, did enormous damage to a presidency that was forced to spend 3 long years defending itself against bogus allegations.  The New York Post called it “the scandal of a generation.” That’s putting it mildly.