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Gohmert Goes OFF: Nadler Slams Gavel in Anger as He Loses Control of Impeachment

Photo by Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert ripped into Jerry Nadler at Monday’s impeachment hearing accusing him of ignoring the rules when he allowed “witnesses to ask the questions.”

The firey exchange came after Democratic counsel Barry Berke, who had just served as a witness for Democrats earlier in the day, began questioning the Republican counsel for the Intelligence Committee, Steve Castor.

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“I’ve been a judge and I know that you don’t get to be a witness and a judge in the same case,” Gohmert said after multiple Republican lawmakers attempted to stop the proceedings and have Nadler recognize the issue. The Democrat shot them down each time, wielding his gavel and repeatedly saying their “point of order” was not recognized as he ignored GOP objections.

Gohmert erupted after Berke’s line of questioning led him to ask Castor about President Trump’s state of mind toward former VP Joe Biden.

Watch the exchange below: