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Gregg Jarrett Blasts Biden’s Sweeping Vaccination Mandate

Biden's Mask Trouble

Gregg Jarrett joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the legal ramifications of Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandates, and there are many. Biden’s order could affect roughly 100 million Americans, resulting in Republican Governors across the country speaking out against Biden.

Hannity begins, asking Jarrett “you’re the lawyer, you tell me, how many challenges do you see?”

“You’re going to have thousands of challenges” Jarrett states bluntly. “Biden’s combination of orders that he’s issuing now is guaranteed to trigger an explosion of legal challenges, a landslide of litigation that’s going to clog courts everywhere across America.”

The reason is that “under our constitutional system, states are in charge of public health concerns; not the federal government.”

Jarret goes on to explain the federal government has “never ordered compulsory vaccinations, but states have. And it’s been upheld, not once but twice, by the United States Supreme Court.”

The first case was in 1905 in Massachusetts, then again in 1922 in Texas. Both cases involved smallpox vaccinations. The Supreme Court says states have that right to protect the health and safety of the public. The federal government does not possess that same right.

As a result, Jarrett explains, “you’re going to have states suing, legislators suing, governors suing, individuals across America suing.” You’re also going to have “businesses suing. You’re going to have congress as well as state legislatures trying to pass laws that counter what Biden is doing.”

Jarrett mentions another legally important point, which is that just as states have the power to order vaccinations, “they also have the power to prohibit them, and so far fourteen different states have passed laws that prevent businesses and others from requiring vaccinations.”