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Gregg Jarrett: “For God’s Sake” Trump’s Tweet is Not “Witness Intimidation”’

During an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity program, Gregg Jarret dismantled the claims that President Trump committed the crime of “witness intimidation.” Gregg points out that there are only three ways to commit witness intimidation under the law: “physically harming a witness, bribing a witness, or coercing a witness to lie.”


President Trump did none of these things. The only person who has come close to doing this is Representative Schiff himself when he tried to strong-arm Former United States Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker into agreeing with his fictional movie script that he has created in his head.

Gregg concludes his argument by pointing out that, “[s]imply pleading your case and criticizing a witness, who is leveling false accusations based on multiple hearsay, is not witness intimidation for God’s sake. The President was right to tweet it. He has no other choice.”

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