Gregg Jarrett Predicts No Justice From Durham Probe



hile guest-hosting the Lou Dobb’s Show, Gregg Jarrett stated that he doubted the Durham probe would lead to any members of the deep state being charged. Gregg made his prediction during a conversation with Jason Chaffetz regarding the probe:

Gregg Jarrett: Your former colleague, Congressman Doug Collins, said today that he believes that the John Durham investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia hoax and the FISA abuse and so forth will lead to criminal charges. I personally doubt that very much.

Chaffetz: I think it’s warranted, based on the information we have already seen and already know. My greatest hope is attorney general Barr. He has been the ray of hope and light so far. I don’t believe director Wray, the FBI director, is a reformer. But between Durham and Barr it’s our best hope. But I don’t know. Let’s think about this, Greg. The inspector general made a cripple mall referral on the deputy assistant director and laid out the case, and it was rejected. The guy was taking money. He was going to dinners. He took sealed court documents and gave them to the media and they didn’t prosecute him. When you have a simple easy case like that and you don’t prosecute, what about something else?

Gregg Jarrett: Even the guy who literally altered documents. I bet you he’s going to skate, too. That’s my prediction. That’s how it’s going at the DOJ.

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  1. I always said in 2016 that Chris Christie was running for Attorney General and I thought and still think he’s the guy Trump needs to drain the swamp. An excellent, highly productive US attorney who knew how to run big investigations and, unlike Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr, he’s a Washington outsider.

  2. I sure hope you’re right. Until then, you and I will have to serve as a majority.

  3. NOTHING will come of this. Barr is utterly corrupt Deep State scum. Come on people, he handled Ruby Ridge, remember? Durham will be told to stand down. And the reams of evidence of criminal conduct that Durham has found and will continue to find, will be kept very quiet while BS excuses and convoluted legalese is created to qualify and justify why charges are not being laid; Just in case some of his findings become public. Gotta be able to cover you asses after all.

  4. Greg is on target. Hitlery and all of her Fascist Cronies will walk. Barr and the embedded deep state Obamanoids and Clintonistas will save every one. Communists and Fascists have been cluttering the innards of the federal government for Decades; now (they think) is the time to strike. Let’s hope they’re making the same tactical error as Hitler, when he attacked Russia when he miscalculated the schedule, i.e., it was Not the right time.

  5. Rudy Guliani for DOJ! He cleaned out New York and has the goods on the Ukraine’s scandals. All the Dems have either Ukraine or China scandals. That especially goes for Pelosi, the Bidens, Kerry and Obama.
    He has fire in his mind and his gut. He can do it!

  6. #TRUMP may have more power in his second term. One of the problems is where these people would be tried — in Washington, DC. Indicting someone — even with a strong case is one thing — seeing them convicted is quite another. All of these cases should be tried elsewhere if that is possible. The DEEP STATE is deeper than most people think.

  7. Reform FISA now and reform it publicly. It’s about time someone has the courage to say the simple truth. Thank you Gregg Jarrett. The American people are being given another abject lesson in how to run the old bait and switch. First, it was Jeff Sessions, the fine old southern gentleman. Now it’s Barr and Durham, straight arrows just like Jim Comey whose intentions and integrity were suppose to be beyond reproach, He simply could not be questioned. The American people, as always appear to be oblivious to what is happening. They are very intentionally buried in an avalanche of media misinformation and distraction while Barr and Durham continue to play hide the ball inside the corridors of DOJ. FISA reform equals law enforcement and immediate prosecution. We don’t need to reinvent any wheel. This isn’t rocket science.

    The President himself has done what all chief executives do when confronted with a mine field. He extricated himself. Oh, Trump is clever enough. He knows how to cover his gold leafed posterior. He immediately went into defensive mode and played CYA taking a hands off approach. It’s going to be hard to blame him for anything, but then of course that isn’t exactly cleaning out the Augustan stables, or draining any swamp either.

    And that leaves us, the American people once again as the monkeys in the middle. Just in case, any of the more rabid Trump supporters who have of a sudden awakened to realize some 30 on years now, that their American nation had been stolen right out from under their grandchildren still don’t get it, or understand why any of this criminality in service to a soft coup is important; I’ll tell you in stark terms, using bright primary colors so that the dense, dull and even stupid people who are among us should be able to understand.

    Trump won’t be President forever and, just as soon as he is gone, these “Deep state” criminals who Barr is quietly working to cement in place and whose crimes he is busy covering up, the institutions and individuals and the bigger, global interests behind it all such as the interests behind Hillary, Obama and Bush will have survived undiminished to undo every last thing of value that Trump has accomplished.

  8. I tried to send it to you again, but they put a waiting to be approved on it again meaning they won’t allow it to go through. I’ll be happy to email it to you, if you’re interested. I’m sick of these pricks and their games to control data.

  9. They won’t let me through

  10. There’s not enough whitewash to cover all the dirty stuff that BO’s ash-holes have done. The lack of accountability is a national tragedy. Some things cannot be overlooked. Can we hope for some just action by the people under Bill Barr?

  11. Its unfortunate that “nothing being done” is not only the default reaction, but the ultimate result. Preservation of the status quo seems to be job one in, or even near the swamp.

  12. The deep state only has to hold their breath, keep their heads down and out wait the media’s indifference. Hell, the media knows that any serious investigation would include them and nobodies asking.

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