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Halyna Hutchins Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin
Screenshot from ABC News

The family of Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and killed while directing on the set of “Rust” filed a wrongful death lawsuit at a press conference. The suit was filed in New Mexico and names Alec Baldwin and others “responsible for the safety on the set” and “reckless behavior and cost-cutting” is what led to Hutchins’ death.

Hutchins’ family lawyer emphasized Baldwin’s responsibility for the death of Hutchins: “I think it’s clear what happened. Alec had the gun in his hand. He shot it. Halyna was killed.”

Amongst the “others” named in the suit were armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, assistant director David Halls, the production companies and producers. Prior to filing the suit, lawyers interviewed witnesses and created a video of evidence.

Fox News reports the video reiterates the notion that the “Rust” set was incredibly unsafe, as claimed by crew members. The lawsuit claims Mr. Baldwin, along with the cast and crew committed “major breaches” of safety on the set.

Additional statements made by Hutchins’ family lawyer during the press conference include that “it was unnecessary for Mr. Baldwin to use a revolver for the lineup.”  He also said Baldwin had refused proper weapons training on how to “cross-draw a revolver.”

“Industry standards required remote operations of the camera if the gun was ever aimed at the camera, which Baldwin had done in this instance. The lawyers claimed Baldwin ‘disregarded at least 15 industry standards’ on the set of “Rust” reports Fox News.