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Hillary Addicted to Running for President: Feels ‘the Urge’ to Run in 2020

Hiillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton admitted in an interview with Variety that she is addicted to running for president. The two-time failed presidential candidate, former Secretary of State, and NY Senator stated, “I certainly feel the urge because I feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome. And the more we learn, the more that seems to be the case.”

Luckily, she continued by saying, “But I’m going to support the people who are running now and do everything I can to help elect the Democratic nominee.”

With the Democratic nomination process a mess, and some pundits beginning to think it could possibly go to a brokered convention, we will have to wait and see if Mrs. Clinton actually can resist the urge to throw her hat into the ring.

With the failure of the Clinton Global Initiative, not one democratic nominee seeking her endorsement, a failed book, and a second failed presidential bid it seems that Hillary Clinton might not only be addicted to running for president but also just losing and failing at all of her recent ventures.