Hillary Clinton, Obama donor sentenced to prison for political influence scheme

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Photo taken from Twitter via the New York Post

No matter what hole Hillary Clinton crawls into, scandal always finds her. 

A major democratic donor who raised whopping sums for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was sentenced to 12 years in prison for what prosecutors call a “mercenary” political influence scheme. 

Imaad Zuberi, a California businessman, was sentenced Thursday for schemes to funnel foreign money into American political campaigns, then stuff millions into his own pockets. 

U.S. Assistant Attorney Daniel J. O’Brien said Zuberi was “purely a mercenary funneling money to whomever he believed would do his bidding,” according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Zuberi was seen photographed with Joe Biden and Barack Obama during his presidency, and was also pictured with the Clinton’s. 

Photo taken from Twitter via Tristan Logan

Also included in the Times report was a leaked email chain in which Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook messaged colleagues saying, “I’m OK taking the money and dealing with any attacks.” 

The emails strike again. 

He also also attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City, as well as serving as a co-chair of the Trump Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Zuberi made more than $950,000 in unlawful donations to the political committees of Obama, Clinton and others. 

He even extended an attempt to work his way into the Biden circle, Just The News reports.  

And the attempt may have been mutual. After the 2012 election, a longtime adviser urged Biden’s sons to cultivate relationships with a group of wealthy political donors to “pull them a little closer to Team Biden,” the Daily Caller reports. One of the donors was Zuberi. However, whether Hunter Biden developed a relationship with him is unclear.

In addition to the money he pocketed for himself, he raised $270,000 for Clinton and $1.3 million for Obama. 

Photo taken from Twitter via Sri Lanka Global

Zuberi pleaded guilty to a “three-count information charge with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act” for making false statements on a FARA filing, as well as tax evasion and illegal contributions to political campaigns. 

“Zuberi turned acting as an unregistered foreign agent into a business enterprise,” Assistant Attorney General for National Secretary John C. Demers said in a press release. 


  1. Why is there a different law for 30000 email destroying Benghazi lying Clinton foundation fiddling uranium selling fake dossier financing Hilary and Donald Trump ? Trump was impeached and found innocent Hilary is guilty and not charged


  3. Well, if the House can continue their unconstitutional efforts to convict former President Trump of, well anything, apparently, then doesn’t that set a precedent that allows any former politician to be held responsible for their own actions?

  4. Scum like them will not go to jail in this lifetime. Upon their death, they will spend eternity in hell….Thanks God

  5. You know what would unite America? If we saw our laws apply to the leadership, like Hillary, Biden, Obama, Harris, waters, Cuomo, Deblaxio, They are criminals and need to be prosecuted.

    Next, would be to impeach Biden for unlawful money’s from China.
    Harris because she insisted on riots and get rioters out of jail.

  6. This is one person who funneled funds illegally into Obama’s campaign. In fact he was supposed to supply the FEC with the true names of these donors. Go back to Obama’s first campaign, does anyone else remember donors on the so called that was submitted like, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the front line of the Dallas Cowboys. You knew these were foreign donations because the amounts were turned into American funds and you had strange amts. like 150.12. The original amounts were over the limit that is allowed for a donation, so Obama’s people broke them up into many smaller amounts. Obama and McCain that time agreed to not accept huge amounts, McCain lived up to it but Obama didn’t.

  7. Get the clintons the Obama’s the bidens out of our lives we don’t want them here in the government position they are all corrupt and we the patriots we the people we the majority want them out now.

  8. Until the law shows equal treatment for all, we are on a down-hill slide. 80-90% of Americans know there seems to be no end to corruption. Here’s Biden Crime Family now in the White House with solid evidence as to selling his VP influence & name to our enemies. Treason is now overlooked??? Insanity needs to be stopped!!

  9. He’s just a pardon away to complete the crime.
    It’s why death is a better punishment.
    It keeps the next guy from doing it. Or think twice about doing it.

    I expect these foreign funds originated as US tax payers funds sent into other countries to stunt the effects of tranny people on the consumption of recycled glass.

  10. Lots of great comments and perspectives I see ! Government officials either don’t see or don’t care what the optics and what perception the American people are! If the rule of law applied fairly to all Americans that would help bring Country together ! Way too much CORRUPTION happening as we all just witnessed in this last election! Not we have a COMPROMISED LEADER AS WELL AS OBVIOUSLY CORRUPT! HE’S BEHOLDEN TO MANY DARK MONIES, AND NOTHING GOOD IS GOING TO COME OUT OF THIS FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  11. Why not arrest the recipients of that money. They were complicit and just as guilty. You can just bet a lot of those funds wound up in the recipients’ respective nonprofit organizations. Remember unused campaign funds go to either the government, the party, or to a nonprofit. Find out who owns the nonprofits and how many they are involved in extracting executive remuneration. Follow the money trail.

  12. Politicians made the law that says the giver of the illegal contribution is guilty and not the “politician” that takes the illegal contribution. 🙂 Your congressman and senator did that. Not mine?????? I will bet that mine did also. Bunch of crooks. Never ethical in the laws that they pass. Special health care, special gym, special retirement, carveouts in all the laws they pass exempting them if they choose to break the law. We need term limits now.

  13. HRC is rotten to the core. To have fabricated the ruse that DJT was a Russian Agent and pin it on him with endless character assassinations and the brazen acts that are breathtaking in scope and breadth. I worked for the DNC in 2016 as a contractor and what I witnessed turned my stomach and I never went back to work after 4 weeks up-close-and-too-close to the handlers and hacks protecting and shoring up DWS, HRC, Obama and the entire group who are truly despicable. WHY ARE THEY BAD PEOPLE? Because they will lie, cheat, steal and get rid of ANYONE who stands in their way. And that is un-American and genuinely un-fair, which most people in this country support: A level playing field.

  14. This is just another “soft disclosure”..!
    We are watching a movie..!
    They have already been executed for Treason.
    Trust the plan… WWG1WGA..!
    P.S….buy Silver bullion ASAP!

  15. You all just watch and see! Biden is already with pen in hand to Pardon this slimy jerk! He has probably paid Sleepy Joe big bucks for the favor! We have Criminals in The White House and the Blair house! So sad on Inauguration day the entire Crime family going through the front door! With Harris and her partner’s family! We will be having someone who is Shacking up in the Blair house who was introduced as her husband who is now introduced as her Partner! What kind of Classified information does he have privy to?

  16. Very good,detailed video on clones,corruption,cabalists,etc.Probably gone now.Many mau have been executed,Gitmoed,etc.Read elsewhere a while ago the Gitmo guards were to make special preps for anonymous High Ranking Famous people.Cloning tech is far more advanced than public knows and has been in use for decades.Learn and use the law,follow the connections-who is married to whom or who is on which charity/biz board?Research the SEC,FDA,Patent office,Fed Election Committee.Govt. SUNSHINE ACT,FOIA,HATCHETT ACT,THE LOGAN ACT,FED CONSPIRACY LAWS,caselaw pertaining to free speech,fraudulent govt. Emergencies,slander/libel/defamation,Nuremburg code,gun control caselaw.

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