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Hollywood Elites: The Anti-Fence Activists Demand Fences, Shun Homeless for Academy Awards

Hollywood Homeless
Hollywood Homeless

The liberal Hollywood elite; the most welcoming, progressive, bleeding-heart wealthy activists who put their money where their mouth is only when the situation has zero to do with them. Out of sight, out of mind?

Yes, that’s exactly when liberals are comfortable enough to “stand up for their morals.” However, when it comes to their safety, they want their drivers and bodyguards armed. When it comes to their private homes, they want to be in gates communities rampant with security cameras.

When it comes to their awards ceremonies? “Hollywood went all out to protect the stars at Sunday’s 93rd Academy Awards by erecting a ten-foot security fence around Union Station to keep the public out” reports Biz Pac Review. Ah, so they admit…fences, dare we say, work!

But on to another pesky problem that when it’s near, Hollywood is in fear: homelessness. Somehow “homeless encampments near the event” were removed. “The homeless were once again swept under the rug in Hollywood to clean up the area before Tinseltown’s biggest event,” writes BPR.

A cleansing occurred in preparation for the Oscars as well, at an overpass one block from Union Station. “Ostensibly so celebrities would not be subjected to the sight, and under the guise of security concerns,” writes BPR and notes the homeless encampments were given one week to move.

“If they refused to go, the people living there were allegedly told their camp would be demolished and they would be thrown in jail.” Not exactly the attitude and behavior liberals take on social media, in public, or frankly when anyone is watching.

Democratic Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon tried to claim rumors were untruthful. In a released statement, he said, “while the 93rd Academy Awards are being held at Union Station this year, and despite irresponsible rumors, NO unhoused residents are being forced to relocate.”

“Since being sworn in, my office has been painstakingly working to house those experiencing homelessness throughout my district and we were able to offer housing options to unhoused residents in the vicinity of Union Station” the continued statement read.

Except media outlets actually took the time to speak with the homeless that were “offered housing options.” The homeless residents say “they were forced to go to the Grand Hotel to spruce up the Image of Union Station. They were reportedly told they had to move because cameras would be capturing the limousines of the stars as they drove up to Union Station.”