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House Vote on Impeachment Is A Legal Necessity

An expected vote by the full House to formalize the current impeachment inquiry is a vital step to obtain legal authority to compel compliance with outstanding subpoenas.  Without it, witnesses will continue to dodge testimony and defy demands to cough up documents.  That’s exactly what Biden allies have been doing —obstructing and sandbagging the investigation to protect the President and his family.

While impeachment is an inherently political exercise, it does involve some legal elements.  To force people to cooperate in an inquiry, the committee needs legal standing.  Otherwise, the House will have to rely on Joe Biden’s own Department of Justice to enforce subpoenas against Biden allies.  Attorney General Merrick Garland will never do that.  He’s the Grand Poobah of the protection racket.

House approval removes the DOJ as an obstacle, allowing the committee to go directly to the federal courts for enforcement.  Indeed, some witnesses are on record stating that they would never consent to appear without a vote.  If the investigation is formalized, it will then push the probe forward and adhere to the Constitution.

The allegations against Biden are serious and credible.  There is compelling evidence of impeachment conduct by the President —that he actively aided and abetted corrupt schemes operated by his son that netted tens of millions of dollars from foreign interests while selling access and promises of influence.

Exploiting a public office to enrich your family or others is both a criminal offense and an impeachable one.  Despite Biden’s repeated denials, records show that he attended meetings, met personally with his son’s overseas partners, and spoke by phone with Hunter’s clients more than 20 times.  The Burisma scandal was a classic quid pro quo —conferring a benefit in exchange for money.

The committee has been following the money: $24 million flowing into a complex web shell companies operated in the shadows by Hunter Biden.   Some of the cash was then funneled to Biden family members.  It’s called profiteering and self-enrichment.  It’s precisely what our Founders wanted to prevent when they devised the impeachment clause in the U.S. Constitution.  They feared a future greedy President who would sell out America to the highest foreign bidders.

Democrats and their media allies keep insisting that there’s “no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement” in his son’s schemes.  They misunderstand what evidence is.  Facts and information constitute evidence.  Period.  They are often documentary and testimonial —direct and/or circumstantial.  Whether those facts eventually rise to the level of criminality is a matter of proof.  But they are still “evidence.”

For the media to deny that volumes of evidence exist in the Biden investigation is to engage in willful blindness.  Or blatant lies.  The purpose of an impeachment inquiry is to collect, scrutinize, and interpret the very kind of evidence I’ve just described.  Then, compare it to the law and Constitution.

But the media seems fundamentally oblivious to this.