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How Has Hunter Biden Managed to Avoid Criminal Charges For So Long?

Federal agents reportedly concluded months ago that there is enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with crimes.  Yet, nothing has happened.  Why?

Federal agents reportedly concluded months ago that there is enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with crimes.  Yet, nothing has happened.  Why?

There are several possibilities.  Just because investigators/agents are convinced of provable criminality doesn’t mean prosecutors share the same opinion.  That is deeply troubling.  This is a probe that’s been going on for more than 4 years.  There is overwhelming evidence of influence-peddling, bribery, corruption, tax fraud, lobbying crimes, and other lawless acts.  It is well established that foreign entities and governments paid millions to Hunter for access to his father, Joe Biden, when he was Vice-President.  Adopting a Hillary Clinton tactic, the son hung a “for sale” sign on his dad’s office door.  The laptop alone, which the FBI has had in its possession since late 2019, is a treasure trove of incriminating evidence.

Anyone else not named Biden would have been indicted long ago.  This tells us that something is terribly amiss.  Are Merrick Garland and his Justice Department impeding the criminal process to protect the Bidens?  After all, some of the damning evidence directly implicates Joe Biden, Garland’s boss.  Ignoring federal regulations that demand his disqualification, the imperious AG refuses to appoint a special counsel who would be insulated from interference.  It’s a huge red flag.

What is also inexplicable are the reports that any charges against Hunter would be limited to tax crimes and lying on a form to purchase a gun.  Those are not insignificant offenses.  But they pale in comparison to the more serious crimes arising from his prodigious and profitable schemes.  Is a sweetheart plea deal in the offing that would allow him to skate on any prison time?  The Bidens have accumulated fat bank accounts and could easily pay their way out of Hunter’s legal quagmire with financial penalties and fines.

The more important question is this: how much damage have the Bidens done to America’s national security?  Documents show that Hunter pocketed $11 million from Ukraine and China at the same time his father was the point-person for those countries as Vice President and wielding enormous influence.  Has America’s national security been compromised?  Do the Chinese have the goods on Biden and his son?  Is our president susceptible to blackmail and undue influence?  Is the man in the Oval Office making decisions that further Chinese interests, not our own?

Regardless of whether there is any criminal indictment, congressional Republicans are determined to launch a penetrating investigation into that very subject, assuming they regain control of the House and/or the Senate come January.  Moreover, whistleblowers are prepared to describe how top officials at the FBI ran a protection racket for the Bidens, burying evidence, halting the investigation, and selling the lie that it was all Russian disinformation while knowing full well that it was not.  Congress must investigate that, as well.

Joe Biden’s obvious lie that he never spoke with his son about his business schemes is easily disproved.  Photographs, visitor logs, emails and other documents show that the elder Biden was knee-deep in his son’s grafts and cons.  One-time business partners are prepared to confirm it.  Joe Biden’s recorded phone message to Hunter that “you’re in the clear” serves as a smoking gun of complicity.

The latest reports of potential charges underscore just how malignant social media companies were in censoring the Hunter Biden stories…and how despicable it was for 51 former intelligence officials to dismiss the laptop as “foreign disinformation” just before ballots were cast in the 2020 presidential election.  None of them have ever retracted their statement or apologized for lying to the American people.  There is growing evidence that the FBI colluded with Big Tech to suppress truthful stories and help Joe Biden get elected.

The Bidens are not the only corrupt actors in this ugly drama.