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How Prosecutors’ Devious Plan to Suppress Felony Charges Against Hunter Biden Exploded In Their Faces

This was always a rigged investigation and a crooked plea deal.  The IRS whistleblowers exposed that for all to see.  If anyone cheated on their taxes the way Hunter Biden did, they’d go to prison.  And there are thousands of notable examples to prove it.

Any honest person recognized this inane deal for what it was.  That is, political interference and preferential treatment.  The judge knew it.  It was writ large all over the indefensible plea arrangement.  Justice Department prosecutors weren’t representing the public’s interest in justice.  They were acting as Hunter’s BFF while serving as devoted members of his defense team.  In their collusion, they tried to snooker the judge into an historic miscarriage of justice to protect Hunter and, by implication, his father, President Joe Biden.

It’s reprehensible that prosecutors tried to hide the blanket immunity they were gifting Hunter by placing it not in the plea agreement itself, but buried deep down in the gun diversionary document where it doesn’t belong.  In a not-so-clever sleight of hand, they then slid it over to the judge in court without prior notice and tried to get Judge Maryellen Noreika to simply sign it, hoping she wouldn’t bother to examine all of it.  The judge wasn’t fooled.  Her pointed questions about the insane immunity clause detonated the nefarious deal.

The implosion of the plea actually began the moment it was announced some five weeks ago.  Hunter’s lawyers ran to the nearest television cameras and claimed that this ended everything.  No further charges for any of the other crimes their client almost surely committed.  That prompted the DOJ to say publicly, “No…the investigation is still ongoing.”  Of course, that was a blatant lie designed to avoid answering questions from Congress.  To her credit the judge zeroed in on that and asked the logical question:  If charges might still be brought, what’s the point of this plea deal?  At that juncture, the entire charade unraveled like a ball of yarn.

It’s clear from Judge Noreika’s comments from the bench that she suspected foul play by the DOJ and U.S. Attorney’s office.  Several amicus briefs were filed by groups, including the House Ways & Means Committee, pointing out how the Hunter probe had been obstructed and corrupted by Joe Biden’s Justice Department and FBI.  Search warrants were scuttled, Hunter’s lawyers were tipped off about a raid, the statute of limitations were deliberately allowed to expire, IRS investigators were forbidden from looking at the laptop or question Joe Biden’s involvement in influence peddling schemes, and they were never permitted to see the FBI smoking-gun document about a bribery scheme in Ukraine (the infamous FD-1023 form).

The judge could see that this was a deliberate attempt to subvert justice.  Hunter Biden was allowed to avoid a multitude of felony charges on the most serious crimes: tax evasion, tax fraud, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and FARA crimes, not to mention potential bribery, conspiracy, money laundering and perhaps racketeering.

The House Oversight Committee has uncovered a damning paper trail of wire transfers, SARs reports, emails, texts, visitor logs, photographs, and other documents showing that tens of millions of dollars flowed into Biden-controlled accounts that were then funneled through a complex web of shell companies.  Encrypted messages indicate Hunter was shaking down foreign entities and governments for truckloads of cash.  Was he promising access to his father and promises of future policy influence?  Was he acting as a foreign agent to benefit America’s adversaries?  It appears so.  Some of the documents incriminate Joe Biden as complicit in his son’s multi-million-dollar schemes.

This plea deal has the unmistakable stench of a fraudulent investigation.  A sham.  It stretched for 5-long years but ended with only a couple of misdemeanors.  That’s utterly absurd and unheard of, especially in light of the mountain of incriminating evidence.  Whistleblowers revealed that both prosecutors and investigators previously approved bringing at least six felony charges against Hunter.  They memorialized it in writing.  There was no dissent.  Yet, the planned felonies magically vanished after two Biden-appointed U.S. Attorneys in Washington D.C. and California took steps to blocked those charges.

All of this underscores that a special counsel should long ago have been appointed to protect against political interference.  But Attorney General Merrick Garland refused, despite repeated written demands from Congress.  Why?  Because he’s been running a protection racket for Joe and Hunter Bidens by obstructing justice.  That’s a crime.  But Garland also deceived Congress in his testimony under oath.  That constitutes both the felony of perjury and an impeachable offense.

Garland must resign in disgrace or be held to account for his wrongdoing in impeachment proceedings.