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How The Cruel and Callous Bidens Refuse to Help a Little Girl Who is One of Their Own

Hunter’s claims of being destitute are facially ludicrous.

When Hunter Biden first learned about his unborn child with Lunden Roberts he vowed to support her “emotionally, physically and financially,” according to a report in the Daily Mail.  The mother played him an audio recording from her 12-week ultrasound scan.  Hunter was said to be emotion and teary-eyed.  It was all an act.  After that, he ghosted her and “has never seen or spoken to her since.”

The disgraceful episode tells you everything you need to know about the president’s cold-blooded son.  His parents and the rest of the Biden clan are equally insensitive and uncaring.  Must be a family trait.  Genetics.  To them, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts doesn’t exist.  The adorable blond-haired girl is not a human being with feelings, and she’s certainly not a Biden.  Hunter is fighting in court to prevent his child from using her surname, Biden.

Amid all the scandals involving bribery, tax fraud, money laundering, and foreign influence peddling, I suspect history will record the name Biden as synonymous with greed and corruption.  So, maybe Navy will, in the long run, be better off divorcing herself from their notorious last name.  When she comes of age, she will likely realize that the Bidens are ruthless, cruel, and inhumane.  Maybe she’ll ghost them.

In front of television cameras last week, Joe Biden pretended to be a paragon of compassion for children.  It was all a charade.  Another one of Joe’s endless lies and cons.  In truth, he doesn’t give a damn about kids.  He exploits them as political props.  He won’t even acknowledge or help his own granddaughter.  No stocking for Navy on the mantle at Christmas.  If you want to know how heartless the Bidens are, look no further than their shameful treatment of this little girl.  The president, first lady, and Hunter all refuse to acknowledge her existence, despite DNA tests that prove conclusively that Hunter is the father.

Joe and Jill Biden are multi-millionaires.  It’s a pretty neat trick inasmuch as the “big guy” has spent his entire career on a public service salary.  Or so he wants you to believe.  The senior Bidens could easily help provide financially for their granddaughter.  They won’t give her a nickel.   Or the time of day.  They won’t even recognize her, much less meet her and embrace her into the family.  The mere mention of Navy’s name is forbidden.  It demonstrates just how callous and pitiless the Bidens are.  Americans should judge them harshly for their utter lack of moral character.  They are ethically bankrupt —all of them.

In an Arkansas courtroom where the child support battle is being waged, Hunter is claiming poverty and wants to weasel out of the monthly payments he previously agreed to.  He yearns to be a deadbeat dad.  The judge isn’t buying it.  She suspects that Hunter has bagged tens of millions of dollars in his many overseas schemes and squirreled away the cash in his LLCs and shell companies.  The evidence is on the laptop.  So, the infamous device is now taking center stage in the child support case.

The judge ordered Hunter Biden to show up in court at all future hearings.  He must also sit next month for a deposition to answer questions about his considerable assets, which he’s been hiding.  A bench trial will follow.  Hunter will surely be asked if the laptop is his.  I suspect he’ll lie and continue to claim that he has no idea.  Everyone knows the computer and its contents are his.  It’s been verified by the FBI and just about every news organization on planet earth.  The material on it is self-authenticating, including ugly selfies of him with prostitutes and crack pipes.  The thousands of emails he sent and received have been corroborated by those with whom he communicated.

In court on Monday, Hunter claimed he didn’t know how much his artwork sold for or who bought it.  That’s absurd.  He’ll be forced to cough up income receipts from the sales of his finger paintings.  They’re laughable and worthless but were reportedly bought for six figures.  Don’t count on those documents being remotely accurate.  The Bidens are adept at manipulating records.

Hunter’s claims of being destitute are facially ludicrous.  He lives in a pricey mansion in Malibu.  He’s paying a team of high-priced lawyers to defend him.  He jets around the country, shops and dines in expensive restaurants, and drives a fancy car.  Does that sound like a guy who’s flat broke and dirt poor, as he insists?

Given the tens of millions of dollars he and his family banked in the many influence-peddling schemes found on the laptop, more details will emerge about the stunning wealth he and his father amassed from foreign countries.  Evidence shows they were selling access and promises of influence to America’s adversaries.  They sold out their country for cash.

Is anyone surprised by the latest news from a credible whistleblower that a document in the vaults of the FBI links Joe Biden directly to a “criminal scheme” involving “the exchange of money for policy decisions”?  There is considerable evidence that the president has betrayed his sacred trust.

All the while, a little girl in Arkansas has been abandoned by her father and his family who reside comfortably in the White House.