Humble Pie: Multiple Mainstream Media Sources Issue Retractions Over Giuliani Apartment Raid Misinformation

The mainstream media has been incredibly busy over the weekend

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The mainstream media has been incredibly busy over the weekend. First, they had to create a frenzy covering the Rudy Giuliani Manhattan apartment raid. Second, they had to undo said coverage as quietly as possible, issuing retractions. The New York Times, Washington Post and NBC News all issued retractions reports the New York Post.

The New York Times wrote this on Saturday, correcting a story about the alleged role Giuliani played in the recall of ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch: “An earlier version of the article misstated whether Rudolph W. Giuliani received a formal warning from the F.B.I. about Russian disinformation.” The note, attached to the original article continued, “Mr. Giuliani did not receive such a so-called defensive briefing.”

The Washington Post had to make a similar correction: “An earlier version of this story, published Thursday, incorrectly reported that One America News was warned by the FBI that it was the target of a Russian influence operation.” OAN is a conservative-leaning news outlet. “That version also said the FBI had provided a similar warning to Rudolph W. Giuliani, which he has since disputed. This version has been corrected to remove assertions that OAN and Giuliani received the warnings” added the correction.

NBC News blamed their misinformation on a source who they claim changed his or her story. The source “now says the briefing was only prepared for Giuliani and not delivered to him, in part over concerns it might complicate the criminal investigation of Giuliani. As a result, the premise and headline of the article below have been changed to reflect the corrected information.”

Giuliani himself addressed the media groups on Twitter: “Where did the original false information come from? @MSNBC @CBB @nytimes I couldn’t quite hear your apology?” In a second tweet on Saturday he wrote, “The Washington Post and NYT must reveal their sources who lied and targeted an American Citizen. #msnbc, #cnn forgot to mention the corrections today. #fakenews #badpeople.”


  1. I naturally heard about the FBI’s raid. Sadly we are in a time where the FBI Organization can no longer be trusted as well as the Media.
    The FBI has plenty of evidence against the Clinton’s and did nothing.
    The same thing goes for Obama spying and Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.
    Not many have any respect for an organization that is corrupt and once again will end up looking like fools. The FBI needs to be dismantled as well as the Media who is caught spreading one lie after the other.

  2. These so-called main stream news media frauds are practically worthless. Al Gore should be enraged that they are killing trees by the millions for their useless news print.

  3. ‘source’ is the chatter one hears on a party line – don’t know who is speaking but it sounds juicy and is always fiction.

  4. msnbc and cnn will soon me out of business. Fake news indeed. If they would ever do their homework and be honest they wouldn’t have to retract 90% of the garbage they put out every day.

  5. Sad day for USA. We have no news media. Very few journalist and then if they do get the story correct it must be what the boss wants not the truth.

  6. The mainstream copies one another without doing their own research. They have become a tabloid network, no longer credible.

  7. There should be a law that states that wherever a story appears originally (front page of a newspaper, lead story on TV, etc.), THAT is where any retraction must also appear. No more printing retractions in the obituary section or on the last page with ads.

  8. All disinformation is discredited and will not undo the damage already to an individual. The main stream media has been destroying people who don’t align with the ideology and who do revote the way the media expect them and talk on the same line. It’s bad to discredited survivor when complains are made. Loom what they’re doing to humans with brains

  9. NYT and WAPO do NOT care what they report . . . There is no consequences for them. They know that they can retract . . . The important issue is to get the fake story out because that is what people remember, they do NOT remember the retraction. Even though it was a hoax on the Russian Collusion, many people still believe President Trump colluded with the Russians, and trying to correct it as “fake news,” they saying you are spreading Russian “disinformation.” A word used most often by Big Tech to squelched free speech.

  10. I Personally I know the inner workings of the News Paper Industry Local News is usually factually correct except for Law Enforcement Bashing which is appalling Cops are Heroes they have Compassion for all who deserve it .They have a tough job and they deserve our Respect. The Press political Editorial Departments are a Cult of Haters anyone who writes anything Favorable of anyone or anything favorable of Donald Trump or Republicans or Independent who offers a rebuke of the Democrat Marxist in the Newspaper Industry it has cost the their Jobs . There are some papers who practice good reporting still but the Bad unfortunately out weighs the good . If you work in the Press remember facts matter Truth matters so do honest and fair reporting America and Americans deserve it . Free Press is a Honest Press .

  11. I avoid mainstream fake news outlets like the Wash-Post, NYT, CNN, Google News, etc.. that do so much spinning for the liberals they catch themselves in their own web of lies.

  12. I guess this story would mean something if anyone actually reads those papers or watch those shows.

    I don’t. And probably never will.

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