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Hunter Biden indictment will likely end in another “sweetheart” deal for the president’s privileged son

Hunter Biden

Don’t be fooled.  There is no reason to have any confidence that Special Counsel David Weiss will aggressively prosecute Hunter Biden in the newly filed federal gun case.  It’s shaping up to be another charade intended to benefit President Joe Biden’s privileged son.

Weiss is clearly acting under duress.  Documents show that he never wanted to charge Hunter with anything at all.  But when the IRS whistleblowers stepped forward and exposed the preferential treatment he was getting, Weiss scrambled to craft a ridiculous plea deal with no prison time.

When that plea imploded in court, Judge Maryellen Noreika forced Weiss to actually do his job by bringing Thursday’s felony charges to beat the looming expiration of the statute of limitations.  So, Weiss deserves zero credit.  What he deserves is our condemnation for repeatedly abandoning his duty as a responsible prosecutor.

Weiss has shown that he is manifestly untrustworthy.  As the whistleblowers revealed, he spent the last 5 years acting as Hunter Biden’s personal defense attorney.  He refused to bring felony charges for the millions of dollars in tax fraud and tax evasion that would send anyone else to prison.

Weiss intentionally allowed the statutes of limitations to expire on the most egregious crimes, tipped off Hunter’s lawyers about a planned search warrant and a surprise interview, forbid any questions about Joe Biden’s involvement in obvious influence peddling schemes,  ignored the overseas paper trail of millions in cash flowing to Biden family members through a complex web of shell companies, overlooked evidence of money laundering and FARA violations, and tore up a written agreement by investigators and prosecutors to bring six felony charges against Hunter.

We’re now supposed to believe that David Weiss will suddenly act like a real prosecutor without the secret skullduggery?  It won’t happen.  I suspect the special counsel will attempt yet another lenient plea deal, but this time without the hidden immunity clause.  Hunter will skate, and Weiss will then pretend that he’s about to bring serious charges in California and Washington.  But he won’t.

It’ll be another example of the crooked justice that Joe Biden’s Justice Department has perfected.

Hunter’s Defenses:

Hunter Biden’s first defense is that the “diverted” sweetheart deal is still valid.  That’s absurd and contractually wrong.  Read the diversionary document.  Not once, but twice, it states that the agreement is contingent on “approval.”  Judge Noreika declined to approve it, and so did the probation officer who refused to sign on the dotted line as required.

So, you can’t resurrect from the dead a deal that is no longer alive —especially after Hunter’s lawyer stated in open court that his client no longer agreed to it and they were “ripping it up.”  Now they want to glue it back together?  Can’t do it.

Hunter’s second anticipated defense is that the gun law is unconstitutional based on a recent Fifth Circuit Court decision called U.S. v. Daniels involving a man who was busted with marijuana (a controlled substance) and two firearms.  The Court tossed it out claiming that past drug usage should not be a bar to the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

The Supreme Court may have the final say on that.  But the Fifth Circuit doesn’t cover Delaware, so it is not binding authority in the Hunter Biden case.  Even if the new ruling might somehow be germane to Hunter’s gun possession charge, it does not apply to the two other charges of lying on a federal form and lying to a licensed gun dealer.

Hunter clearly lied.  He penned a book admitting that he was addicted to controlled substances —specifically cocaine and crack— during the very period when he falsely signed the forms.

The bottom line is that Hunter Biden has no viable defenses.  Which is exactly why Special Counsel David Weiss will want to strike another deal that will let his de facto “client” off the hook.

Remember, as Joe Biden once bragged, “No one f***s with a Biden.”  Maybe that’s what Weiss fears.