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Hunter Biden Laptop Messages Reveal Pregnant Ex-Stripper was on Payroll

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

It’s no wonder Hunter Biden needed the exorbitant salary from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings; he was supporting a pregnant stripper. The New York Post reports “The former stripper who bore Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock child – and who he claims that he has no memory of meeting – was on his consulting firm’s payroll during her pregnancy, text messages retrieved from his laptop reveal.”

In Hunter’s recently released autobiography, “Beautiful Things” he admitted he had “no recollection” of any sexual encounter with Roberts, therefore he challenged his paternity. The infamous abandoned laptop which Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off at a Delaware computer shop but never picked up, however, is a treasure trove of salacious content on the matter. In text messages, light is shed on the relationship the president’s son had with Lunden Roberts.

Roberts gave birth to their daughter Navy Joan Roberts in August of 2018, and was apparently kicked off Hunter Biden’s company insurance plan just months after giving birth, texts show. The messages from Roberts to the younger Biden are quite sad, as they didn’t always receive a response from Hunter when informing him about the birth of their daughter.

On July 24, 2018, Roberts messaged Hunter to let him know their child’s due date was September 8. “Amoeba DD Sep 8, 2018, All Good,” she wrote but received no response from Hunter. On August 8 she messaged him again: “reached out a few times, it’s clear you don’t want to be reached. Need to talk to you If you feel the need to reach out, my line is always open. Hope all is well.”

Again, no response from Hunter. The Post reports “Roberts slapped Hunter Biden with a paternity suit in May 2019. The suit was settled in March of last year with Biden agreeing to pay an undisclosed monthly sum in child support and health insurance premiums.”

In December of that year, only months after the birth of their daughter, Hunter messaged his assistant Katie Dodge, seeking information about his insurance policy with his firm, Rosemont Seneca.

“And just for clarification who is payroll paid to now and for past nine months?” Hunter asked, adding in subsequent messages, “So when you took what’s her name off and re-directed her income did it also End my insurance.”

Dodge responded: “Past nine months has been you, me, Lunden, Hallie, Liz & Erin. But currently only you me & Erin.” Dodge later reassured Hunter: “No, Lunden’s removal doesn’t jeopardize insurance.”