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Election 2020

Hunter Biden laptop scandal — Even if Joe Biden wins, there’s no way out now

Thanks to Hunter Biden, there’s no way out for his father. Even if Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, is elected president, damning evidence will continue to emerge that his grifter-son fully embraced the Washington tradition of shameless influence-peddling.

Hunter Biden

Thanks to Hunter Biden, there’s no way out for his father.

Even if Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, is elected president, damning evidence will continue to emerge that his grifter-son fully embraced the Washington tradition of shameless influence-peddling.

If nothing else, Hunter is a monument to greed. An ellipse should be erected in his honor.

But the unresolved and trenchant questions are: how much did Joe Biden know and to what extent was he involved in the illicit (if not illegal) schemes?

Joe will never answer. You can take that to his bank.

Biden, the elder, is hoping that he can limp across the electoral finish line by refusing to respond to those salient questions and by denouncing the incriminating evidence as “malarkey” and “a bunch of garbage.” He scrupulously followed that script during Thursday night’s presidential debate. He committed it to memory (such as it is). He deserves, I suppose, some credit for following directions.

With a lead in the polls, Biden will now surely retreat to his basement bunker trying desperately to run out the clock until November 3rd. Does he intend to nap his way through the scandal? Why not?

Time is on Biden’s side. The disturbing revelations of what can only be described as rank corruption have come too late in the game.

Roughly 50 million Americans have already cast their ballots. They did so without the benefit of knowing that the man they may want in the White House has not been telling the truth about his con-artist of a son and the millions of dollars that son has pocketed by leveraging dear old dad’s public office.

Joe Biden is also banking on people like Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to disseminate false information to cover his tracks. Schiff is a veteran all-star when it comes to deceit. He spent three years claiming he had irrefutable proof of Trump-Russia “collusion” when he did not. His countless prevarications constitute an encyclopedia of lies.

Schiff’s latest canard is that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation. This was quickly and easily debunked by both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence, not to mention sources on email exchanges discovered on the now infamous laptop. Yet, Joe Biden still tried to peddle the disinformation fable during the presidential debate.

How many uninformed voters accepted that thin gruel? Too many, I imagine. And Biden was counting on that –literally. “It’s those damned Russians,” voters may have muttered to themselves as they vowed to check the box for the Democrat nominee.

Biden has also doubled-down on his claim that he knew nothing at all about his son’s notorious business deals –contrary evidence notwithstanding. It’s as if the presidential nominee really does want voters to accept the invidious sobriquet that he’s “clueless Joe.” A more accurate description is “slippery Joe.” He has elevated evasions to artistry.

Consider the statements by Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who has belatedly come forward to provide text messages and emails that appear to corroborate Joe Biden’s complicity in his son’s nefarious enterprises.

He put to rest the question that Hunter’s laptop is the genuine article. We knew that anyway since neither Joe nor Hunter Biden had refuted it. They haven’t denied the smoking-gun emails either.

But what of the emails themselves? Their authenticity was verified by Bobulinski. They show that a mysterious venture by the name of CEFC China Energy sought to purchase American influence through a series of secretive deals that were contingent on Joe Biden but negotiated by his brother and son. According to Bobulinski, Joe Biden was actively involved and attended at least one meeting in which the lucrative deal was discussed. Millions of dollars would flow to the Bidens.

Naturally, the Bidens were cautious. This explains the paltry paper trail. Until, of course, Hunter’s laptop was foolishly dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware and subsequently abandoned. That’s when the FBI gained access to its contents, but assiduously buried the evidence for a year. Director Christopher Wray saw to that.

Did the Chinese scam ever come to fruition? No. The energy company went bankrupt. But that’s not the point. The evidence indicates that Joe Biden was willing to leverage his name, reputation, and the prospect of high public office to profit financially from an adversary of the United States –a communist country that is guilty of gross human rights violations, mass repression, and unspeakable acts of genocide.

In one insanely stupid email, Hunter Biden brags that he’s “the only one putting an entire family legacy on the line.” Influence peddling, you may ask? Another email from one of Hunter’s business partners answers that question, “I know why (CEFC Chairman Yee Jianming) wants the deal and what makes it enormous, it’s the family name.”

In defense of himself, Joe Biden told Americans during the presidential debate that he’s never received a penny from the Chinese.

That is absolutely true, but it was not for want of trying. It was a skillful deflection. Robbing a bank is no less a crime because the robbery failed. The same is true of our anti-corruption statutes. Failing to succeed does not immunize you from criminal culpability.

Was the Biden family (not Gambino) engaging in something that might violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, otherwise known as RICO? Perhaps. It is certainly something that the FBI and Department of Justice should investigate. There are other relevant felony statutes that may have been traduced.

But the more serious act of wrongdoing actually involves Joe Biden’s confessed threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer money unless a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired.

That person just happened to be investigating corruption at the natural gas company called Burisma that was paying Hunter Biden $85,000 per month to do nothing except trade on his father’s power and influence. T

here is evidence that Joe Biden personally met with a top executive of Burisma before his successful extortion/bribery threat. I recounted those ruinous facts in my last column.

The tragedy in all of this is that the liberally dominated mainstream media will largely ignore the incriminating evidence against Joe and Hunter Biden.

Facebook and Twitter will continue to censor the truth and block stories in a desperate effort to protect Joe Biden in his bid to become the most powerful person on earth.

Will these malevolent forces prevail? Will a corrupt politician who has been wrong about virtually everything in his ignoble career become president?

If so, nakedly corrupt acts are destined to define a man who was all too willing to sacrifice integrity for power.