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Hunter Biden Ordered To Appear in Arkansas Court Amid Ongoing Legal Battle Over Child Support

If you want to know how heartless the Bidens are, just look at this sad case.  The president, first lady, and Hunter all refuse to acknowledge the existence of this little girl, despite DNA tests that prove conclusively that Hunter is the father.  He was eventually forced to pay child support –and agreed to it.  But now he claims poverty and wants it reduced.  The judge said, okay prove it.  She likely suspects that Hunter has banked tens of millions of dollars in many influence peddling schemes.  And the evidence is on the laptop.  So, that is now taking center stage.

At one of the last hearings, the judge asked Biden’s lawyer, “Is it your client’s laptop or not”  The response was, “It’s not my client’s laptop as far as I know.”  But at the same time, the lawyer said he doesn’t really know.  So, the judge is ordering Hunter Biden to show up in court on Monday.  I suspect that will be one of the questions he’ll be asked.  Of course, everyone knows it’s his laptop.  It’s been verified by the FBI and just about every news organization.  The material on it is self-authenticating, including infamous photos of himself with prostitutes and crack pipes.  The email he sent and received have been verified by those with whom he communicated.

So, Hunter is trying to weasel out of the incriminating laptop the same way he’s trying to weasel out of taking responsibility for his own daughter.  He’s a disgraceful and despicable human being.