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Hunter Biden Runs Another Con and Fails

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s “grifter” son tried to run another con –this one in an Arkansas court case.  It didn’t work.

Hunter Biden

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”D” font=”Ultra” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]emocratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s “grifter” son tried to run another con –this one in an Arkansas court case.  It didn’t work.

Facing contempt for refusing to answer questions about his net worth in a child custody and support lawsuit against him, Hunter Biden invented a new and novel excuse.  Biden claimed he could not travel from his plush Hollywood Hills home in California because of the “physical risks” of the coronavirus.  Only an inveterate scam artist would be capable of conjuring up that one.  The judge didn’t buy it.

Last summer, the former vice president’s son denied fathering a child with a reported stripper while cavorting in Washington DC.  He even denied having sex with her.  When a DNA test proved his paternity, he then fought terms of custody and financial responsibility.  After repeatedly dodging court orders to answer questions, his deposition in Arkansas was supposed to happen on Wednesday.


But hours before it was set to begin, Biden’s lawyer filed a motion to delay asserting that it was “unsafe” for his client to fly east.  Right.  The attorney had the gall to argue that it should all be postponed until the end of this year which, of course, would be after the presidential election.  How very convenient.

Could it be that Hunter doesn’t want to divulge either his assets or sources of income that have become the subject of congressional scrutiny and corruption accusations?  Is he attempting to conceal the lucrative deals he struck with Ukraine and China when his dad was vice president and overseeing diplomatic relations with both countries?

For months, Biden insisted he was too busy to comply with court orders, even though Arkansas Judge Holly Meyer noted that he was unemployed.  On Wednesday, the judge slammed Biden for his latest vacuous excuse, making it abundantly clear that she would not be scammed.

Judge Meyer said, “The defendant’s attempts to delay this case are mounting such that one begins to see a pattern of delay.”  She rejected his virus alibi as nothing more than a phony pretext.  “No health threat specific to the defendant has been identified,” she observed, adding that “reasonable precautions are appropriate.”

This left Biden with a choice:  being held in contempt of court or answering questions under oath about fat bank accounts overflowing with foreign money.  He chose neither.  Instead, the “grifter” caved.  Fox Business reported that he capitulated to the demands of his baby’s mother and agreed to what her lawyer termed, “a global, final settlement” to provide financial support for his child.

It would seem that doing the right thing is nowhere in Hunter Biden’s DNA.  It took a thrashing from a judge and an ultimatum for him to accept parental responsibility.  His finances, meanwhile, remain a mystery… which is exactly what he intended all along.