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Hunter Biden’s Gambit to Avoid Testifying is Driven by his Twisted Sense of Entitlement

True to form, America’s infamous grifter is running another scam.

Served with a subpoena to testify at a closed-door deposition before the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden said he would only appear if the proceeding was public.

Apparently, they don’t teach much law at Yale Law School where Joe’s privileged kid attended.  Allegedly.  Or, like his dad, he graduated at the bottom of his class in a sleepy (or smokey) haze.

Had Hunter been remotely sentient, he would have learned that a subpoena is a formal order.  It literally means “under penalty.”  The law compels you to comply.  It is not optional and cannot be ignored or negotiated.  You don’t get to dictate the terms or set favored conditions.  Either you show up as instructed or you will be held in contempt and tossed in the hoosegow.  That’s how it normally works, anyway.

But Hunter thinks he’s above the law and oh so terribly special.  After all, he’s a Biden, the indulged scion of a powerful father who once noxiously bragged, “No one f***s with a Biden!”  You get the picture.  Entitlement is embedded in the name.

By virtue of his elite lineage, Hunter is convinced that legal niceties are for the little people. They don’t apply to him.  His narcissistic impulses tell him so.  Hence, he’s barking out his own demands to avoid the subpoenaed deposition where penetrating questions by smart investigators who work for the committee would confront him with the uncomfortable truth of his corrupt influence peddling schemes that surely constitute a myriad of serious felonies.

Financial records don’t lie.  And the committee has studiously amassed volumes of incriminating evidence of suspected bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and foreign lobbying crimes.  If Hunter lies under oath, he’s staring at additional crimes for perjury.

Hunter knows they’ve got the goods on him and there’s no way out.  So, in an act of calculated defiance, he’s commanding a public hearing where he knows that tough questions are rare because portentous committee members love to preen in front of cameras and grandstand with their flatulent speeches.

Plus, Hunter is counting on the usual Biden toadies like Jaime Raskin and Dan Goldman to portray him as a poor victim of drug-addled frenzies who should be forgiven of all crimes.  But addiction is not an excuse under the law.  And the committee is right to reject Hunter’s self-serving demands.

The problem for Chairman James Comer is that only Joe Biden’s own Justice Department can enforce the subpoena against his son.  Will “the Big Guy” allow that to happen?  Not under Attorney General Merrick Garland who’s been running a perfidious protection racket for the Biden family.

Garland, of course, was quick to enforce congressional subpoenas issued to anyone in Donald Trump’s orbit.  But the Biden name alters the legal equation.  Preferential treatment and political interference for the First Family is Garland’s métier.  Don’t expect equal justice under the law from the current gang of DOJ reprobates.

There are reports that the White House is angry about Hunter’s aggressive tactics of demands, threats, and lawsuits.  He’s gone rogue and failed to seek pre-approval from the powers that be, whomever they are.  No one really knows who’s at the helm on our ship of state.  In other words, the “handlers” who handle Joe also want to handle Hunter.

They want the aberrant son to take the fall despite his father’s complicity because they know the evidence is overwhelming that Hunter sold his dad to the world —China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and a host of other countries over which Joe Biden exercised influence.  Our president was bought and paid for.  The family became enormously wealthy in what has to be the biggest bribery scandal in political history.

More than 150 suspicious activity reports prove that tens of millions of dollars flowed to Biden-controlled shell companies and was then funneled to family members.  Hunter’s partner, Devon Archer, confirmed they were selling overseas influence and access to Joe.  The “Biden brand” was a cash cow of self-dealing.

Records and testimony lead to the inescapable conclusion that Joe Biden aided and abetted Hunter’s nefarious schemes by using his public office to confer promises and benefits in exchange for money.  The Burisma quid pro quo that netted millions of bucks is Exhibit A.

The media apologists, as usual, have it wrong.  In a criminal prosecution it is not necessary to show that Joe himself pocketed a single penny.  It’s still criminal under the prevailing bribery statute (18 USC 201) if the payola flows to his family.  And, of course, bribery is an impeachable offense that is clearly stated in the Constitution.

Joe Biden is exactly what our Founders feared.  A president all too willing to sell out his country and jeopardize its national security to get rich.