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Hunter’s ex-business partner, Devon Archer, could blow the lid off Joe Biden’s phony claims of innocence

Federal prosecutors had to grant Hunter Biden blanket immunity for the multitude of felonies he so obviously committed. Otherwise, President Joe Biden’s leading role in his son’s multi-million-dollar international influence-peddling schemes would be fully exposed.

So, the feds wrapped up the absurdly lenient plea deal in a pretty bow and gifted it to Hunter as an early Christmas present. Fortunately, Judge Maryellen Noreika made out like Ebenezer Scrooge and declared, bah humbug!

Last week’s stunning events unfolded because Attorney General Merrick Garland’s foremost priority is protecting his boss —by hook or by crook— from a cavalcade of conspiracy crimes that grow stronger in evidence as the House Oversight Committee unravels the appalling graft endemic among Biden family members.

Their self-enrichment scams with our nation’s enemies constitute the most damning corruption scandal in the history of politics —a shameful selling out of America for profit.

Incriminating documents implicate the father as complicit in his son’s overseas cons and shakedowns. Together, they leveraged Joe Biden’s public office to confer foreign policy benefits to overseas entities and governments in exchange for cold hard cash funneled through a complex web of shell companies designed to hide the source of the payola.

Monday’s planned closed-door testimony of Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, is expected to shed meaningful light on the elder Biden’s participation as more than a mere bystander who secretly sanctioned the lucrative “deals.” No, he was the fulcrum without which the entire criminal enterprise could not succeed.

After all, Joe held the power as vice president when he was placed in charge of the very countries that bankrolled the Bidens. Promises of access and future influence were dependent on his willingness to exercise them for the benefit of adversaries and to the detriment of U.S. national security interests.

Archer’s testimony has sent shivers up the spines of Garland and his minions at the Justice Department. In a last-minute bid to scuttle Archer’s appearance before the Oversight Committee, the DOJ filed a letter on Saturday intended to intimidate the witness into clamming up. The threat won’t work.

It is anticipated that Archer will educate the committee on the details of how Hunter would often dial in his father on speakerphone during confidential meetings with his foreign partners, according to The New York Post. It happened some two dozen times. Other meetings with Joe Biden occurred in person. Archer is believed to have been a vital witness to all of it.

The Burisma scheme is a prime example. As reported by the Post, there is an email dated Nov. 2, 2015, in which a top Burisma executive demanded that Hunter wield his influence to “close down” a criminal investigation of the company that threatened to destroy its global aspirations.

Thereafter, Hunter dutifully flew to Dubai to meet in person with Burisma CEO, Mykola Zlochevsky, who insisted that he get the vice president on the phone to join the conversation. Ever compliant, Joe did exactly as told.

It is no coincidence that Vice President Biden then traveled to Kyiv and conveyed his infamous extortion demand to the government that the prosecutor investigating the natural gas company be fired or the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in financial aid as a penalty. Within hours, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin was canned. Mission accomplished.

Later, Joe couldn’t resist bragging on camera about his machinations in an appearance before the Council on Foreign Relations. “Well, son of a bitch. He got fired!,” boasted Joe. As usual, his hubris and stupidity did him in.

At the time of the hustle, Hunter was pocketing an exorbitant $83,000 per month from Burisma to sit on its board despite no experience in the energy industry and no familiarity with the language. It turns out that those monthly payments were mere chump change.

The FBI’s recently revealed FD-1023 form cites a “trusted and credible” confidential human source (CHS) as informing the bureau that the Bidens banked an extra $10 million for getting Shokin sacked.

Over the course of numerous conversations that stretched several years, Zlochevsky told the CHS that the Bidens “forced” him into shelling out $5 million for Hunter and an equal amount for “the Big Guy.” The money transfers were concealed in a way that “it would take them (investigators) 10 years” to uncover the illicit payments, said Zlochevsky.

He added that “he has many text messages and ‘recordings’ that show he was coerced to make such payments,” including a total of “17 recordings” involving the Bidens. Two of the covert tapes were with Joe, while 15 were with Hunter. Zlochevsky said he also maintained wire transfer statements and bank records as an insurance policy if the bribery scheme went south.

The FBI did its best to bury the damning FD-1023 document in a surreptitious effort to protect President Biden. But Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, obtained the record pursuant to legally protected disclosures by Justice Department whistleblowers. He then released it to the public for all to read. Take a moment to peruse it online. It’ll knock your socks off.

Naturally, the mainstream media dismissed it as a debunked conspiracy theory. Democrats chimed in by asserting that then-Attorney General Bill Barr closed the probe in 2020 for lack of evidence. Neither is true. Barr has since confirmed that he sent the case to the U.S. Attorney for Pittsburgh who reportedly found additional incriminating evidence that the FBI either overlooked or deliberately ignored.

Regrettably, the case was then forwarded for action to the Delaware U.S. Attorney, which is where all Biden corruption cases go to die. Under the stewardship of David Weiss, the office appears to have done nothing except cover it up. IRS whistleblowers testified that they were never given the FD-1023 document, and they were further prevented from asking any questions about Joe Biden’s unmistakable involvement.

Do the Burisma transactions constitute crimes? Most certainly. They appear to be quid pro quo or pay-to-play schemes which would clearly violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that prohibits using a public office for personal financial gain to yourself or family members.

But it is also evidence of bribery, extortion, and conspiracy. If the wire transfers were, indeed, channeled through a series of opaque accounts, as alleged, this would run afoul of the money laundering felony statutes and, perhaps, racketeering.

Is it any wonder that prosecutors forbid IRS investigators from examining the evidence and pursuing it? That’s called obstruction of justice by the Department of Justice. And it’s the definition of corruption by Garland, Weiss, the FBI, and a host of others who contorted the law and disregarded the evidence to shield the Bidens.

Inevitably, there is a paper trail. Through subpoenas, Congress has the ability to locate the evidence of skullduggery. Already, the Committee has identified wire transfers, bank records, hundreds of Suspicious Activity Reports at the Treasury Department, text messages, and smoking gun emails. If the purported voice recordings involving Hunter and Joe Biden still exist, perhaps they can be acquired.

But eyewitness testimony can be equally powerful and persuasive. In this respect, Devon Archer is capable of lifting the veil of secrecy and protection that has long insulated the Bidens from exposure and culpability.

We can easily anticipate that Democrats and their media handmaidens will attempt to sully Archer as an unreliable convicted felon who was found guilty for his role in a separate bond fraud. But let’s not forget how both Dems and journalists salivated over the testimony of convicted felon Michael Cohen after he was convicted of tax fraud and lying to Congress. They faithfully vouched for him as an honest broker of information only because he was willing to trash his former employer, Donald Trump.

Beyond the crimes identified herein, the actions of Joe Biden rise to the level of an impeachable offense. The U.S. Constitution specifically states that a president can be removed for treason and bribery. Both would apply if the accusations against him are true and supported by credible evidence.

As I have noted before, this is exactly what our Founding Fathers feared the most. They worried that a future president might violate his sacred oath of office by secretly conspiring with malign foreign actors to betray our nation for self-enrichment.

The evidence uncovered so far is a damning indictment of corruption at the highest level of government —the current occupant of the White House.