HYPOCRISY ALERT: Seattle Mayor Wants To ‘Punish or Expel’ Socialist Council Member For Protesting At Her Home

Mayor Durkin


here’s nothing sweeter than the sound of a liberal versus liberal squabble. Seattle’s Democratic Mayor, Jenny Durkan, has been front and center in the media coverage of her city’s downfall during the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. A group of rebels was even able to create an “autonomous” lawless zone right in the heart of Seattle’s downtown.

Liberals love their policies and a false sense of moral high ground; that is, until it’s all imposed on them. That’s exactly what happened to Mayor Durkan. One of the cities Council Members, Khshama Sawant, a self-proclaimed socialist, aided in marching protesters to Durkan’s home with a list of demands.

Durkan, who supported the protesters, the notion to defund the police, and even the crime-infested “CHOP” autonomous zone, did not like being on the receiving end of her own ideals. According to Fox News, Sawant was “marching protesters to the mayor’s home and encouraging protesters to occupy the city’s East Precinct, along with raising a handful of ethics concerns.”

In defense, Durkan sent an email to City Council President Lorena Gonzalez claiming Sawant’s use of her position as a city official was “in violation of law” and Sawant was “recklessly” undermining other people’s safety for “political theatre.”

Ironically, mayor Durkan failed to mention her very own behavior led to not only the same consequences but worse. Durkan used her political position to support anti-cop violence, allowed for a group to create an autonomous zone riddled with crime which resulted in the death of a 19-year-old and a 16-year-old from two separate shooting incidents.

No, Durkan did not mention any of that in her email. Instead, the mayor called for Sawant’s removal. “Durkan cited city law that allows the council to ‘punish or expel’ a member for ‘disorderly or otherwise contemptuous behavior” reported Fox News. “All of us have joined hundreds of demonstrations across the city, but Council Member Sawant and her followers chose to do so with reckless disregard of the safety of my family and children” Durkan’s email stated.

Who do the citizens of Seattle get to email to call upon to “punish or expel” for putting their family and children in danger due to Durkan’s “disorderly or otherwise contemptuous behavior?” Durkan and Sawant have the exact same values and misled morals; but when using them on one another, they turned to enemies.

In response to the death of a 16-year-old Monday, Sawant tweeted: “While we await details of this tragic killing, it highlights capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence. Our movement rejects insinuations & falsehoods perpetuated by corporate & conservative media that this violence is the outcome of CHOP or of our movement.” That is the most deranged statement if there ever was one. Hopefully, these socialists will fight each other out of office.


  1. We cannot correct, change or erase problems of the past, with thoughtless, emotionally, politically driven actions of today. However, we can utilize the past to insure we don’t repeat the same mistakes, and at the same time, utilize the goodness in those same people that made those mistakes. We can’t change our beginning, nor where we’ve been, but we can start where we are, and effectively change our future.

  2. Very excellent thoughts I agree 100%. I truly hope the protesters get the message. So far they have been headed down the wrong path and have been making things worse. Do unto others is the message of the day.

  3. I hope that the Mayor gets personally sued for the damage that SHE encouraged..

  4. It’s always entertaining to watch liberals have their inevitable meltdown then start to eat each other when they get treated the way they disrespectfully treat others. Honey can you throw in a batch of popcorn, it’s starting to get interesting.

    Has anyone seen the video of yesteryears where Joe Biden is dropping the N word left and right in a public speech? Rather telling as to who Joker Joe Biden is.

  5. lol, these liberal morons eat their own, they haven’t a clue what they want, what they protest for, or a plan.

  6. Whatsamatter, commie mayor…don’t like it when your dirty COMRADES start to turn on YOU with the same terrorist tactics as they’ve used on your ‘enemies’?!

    What goes around, honey….

  7. If you’re going to take away qualified immunity from police, you should do the same on mayors, DAs, etc., because ALL of what’s happened to the residents of Seattle in this government takeover is on her.

    If you don’t have the guts to make tough decisions on behalf of what is best for all Seattle citizens & you let people take the “keys” to the city away from you, you have blood on your hands because you focused on the less than 1% of the people instead of 99% of the rest of your population. You put your own personal interests & beliefs ahead of the people you represent.

    The mayor failed the people of Seattle by not maintaining the safety & welfare. 2 people lost their lives. She should resign immediately upon getting CHOP disbanded.

  8. Is this the same woman who said “maybe we will have a summer of love”. What an idiot. If she can’t take the heat, then get out of her protected kitchen. I’m sorry, I do not like women to be in offices like mayor, governor, senate, etc. Women are just way too emotional to make huge decisions. There is a reason God said, he is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man and man is the head of woman. It was Eve that sinned in the garden and not Adam. It all started there.

  9. But not for protesting at your or my home.

  10. Ha. Ha. Who is she going to call when they do it again and maybe this time they smash her car or break her windows. Mayor Jenny Durkan has said she is for defunding the police okay you get rid of them and these people show up who do you call ? Lets be totally honest these “protesters” a word I use loosely have been violent and the aggressor. They have burned buildings, assaulted people walking or in their cars and looted anything they thought had valuables in it sounds like her house would be target for them. These people have thrown everything they could get their hands on at the police who are also armed but were ordered by the mayor to do nothing. They have done everything except be peaceful or tell people what they actually want. This mayor has armed security but these people do not show up with 2 or 3 they show up in large groups. If the mayors security shoots one of them she and her security will go to jail if the protestors do not beat them to death right then and there ! This is why the democrats are a bad party they never think long term this mayor was hoping to get votes if she said she agrees with them. These democrats in these states were hoping these riots would hurt Trump but never thought what would happen if they turned on them ! These protestors don’t want the democrats to be their leaders they want to be their own leaders. Shame on these politicians for letting it get this far these protestors were waiting for the politicians or the police to draw a line in the sand and say you go past this and we will come down on you. They never did now these protestors feel empowered and have actually taken over police station and they set up “WALLS” to keep out those they deem unfit. They patrol the areas with automatic guns and they extort the businesses in those area’s if you want to open up you have to pay us. Again I have to point out this like so many other things happened because the democrats did not look at the big picture they only care about power so they will sell out their citizens if they think they can get votes. Take the banking bail out was this a surprise NO the republicans warned them about the fanny mae and Freddy Mac program and that it would blow up and it did. Now they are talking about Medicare for all the republicans are telling them they can’t do it but the democrats once again are saying I can get votes if I do this. Big picture Medicare will go broke at best in 5 years and that’s if only American citizens use it. They want it to be open not just to illegal immigrants already here but anyone who enters this country. French, German, Canadian etc.. This is not just a Mexico thing and guess what will happen Medicare will go broke in 1 year. Now we need another bail out but this time there is no banks to ay this back. Who pays for this us this will cause a major recession that will turn into a great depression. This is not and opinion every single professional who have reviewed what would happen if they did this said the results would be catastrophic. Do you think the politicians care ? No why ? They are millionaires do you know what happens in a recession they make millions take Elizabeth Warren who tried to say Trump made money of the people during Obamas terrible economy. That was and outright lie Trump had bought zero residential property the whole time Obama was in office but you know who did ? Yup Elizabeth Warren bought a lot of foreclosed homes the bulk of her fortune comes from buying her constituents foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar and selling them when the market went back up. Not one politician lost their 401K’s their money was perfectly safe but if you listen to the media those were the best day but they were the worse since the great depression. We need politicians that tell you NO when it will hurt the country. We need politicians that will arrest a lock up people who riot, burn and loot etc.. We don’t need a politician to be our buddy just like a boss does not need to be friends with his employees he does what’s best for the company. That is why Trump did more in his first 2 years than any president di in their whole 4 or 8 years. He did what was best for the country he did not sell out our jobs for donations to the DNC and the RNC. Lets vote out all these idiots who have no common sense and are blatant hypocrites Trump 2020 and drain the swamp if they have been in office for 1,2 or 3 decades it is time for them to go.

  11. guess that horrid mayor only enjoyed the ‘summer of love’ when it wasn’t in her backyard.

  12. there is a class action lawsuit against her, by business owners and individual citizens.

  13. feral animals will go after the one that feeds them!

    and she did feed them, gave them porta johns and helped them barricade their compound by bringing in the concrete barriers.

  14. We’ve been starting for decades and made enormous progress but Obama used race baiting as an art form. Look at the results. Trillions spent, and all we have to show for it is failing cities.
    The fact is these democrat zoos are full of anger, despair and hopelessness BECAUSE democrats run them and have for decades. And the voters seemingly accept a few freebies in return for democrat votes. Add in a thoroughly corrupt and leftist educational system and media….there is no hope. The cities will burn. Things will be not be better in these hoods. It’s because the reasons for the problems cannot even be discussed, let alone solved. Once the problems get solved, there is no need for democrats.

  15. I can no longer support Khshama Sawant. After bringing a perfectly good mob to the mayor’s house, Sawant failed to burn it down or otherwise convince Mayor Durkan to fully support the assembled commies of Seattle. What a shame. Do you think Governor Inslee would have called out the National Guard to help the mayor? Heh heh heh. Don’t think so.

  16. Summer of love baby! Enjoy!

  17. JEnny duRKan has in her name the best qualifying term! My question is: yet that the lefto-hooligans are gone what are doing the citizens she has abandoned and left alone? Why are they not protesting and pushing her out of her mayoral function, what are they waiting for expressing a civic resignation injunction?

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