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In Biden probe, special counsel David Weiss makes the cowardly lion look heroic


Joe Biden and his family have been influence peddling for more than a decade.  But when he became Vice President under Barack Obama, the family syndicate kicked it into overdrive to score tens of millions of dollars from the very countries over which the Veep was put in charge of foreign policy.  Let’s call it the “Great Selling Out of America.”  It deserves a monument in Washington for outstanding achievement in graft and bribery.

The Bidens have always gotten away with it.  Why?  Three reasons.  First, they were good at corruption.  When Hunter demanded $10 million from a Beijing partner controlled by the Chinese Community Party, he boasted in a message, “The Biden’s (sic) are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants.”  Days later, millions began flowing to the Biden-controlled accounts.  Access to Joe and promises of future influence were bought and paid for.

The second reason why “Joe incorporated” managed to evade criminal charges is because his collaborators were skilled at covering up the cash.  Hunter (aka “the bagman”) set up a complex web of shell companies to funnel millions of dollars.  The payola was then cleansed by hard-to-trace wire transfers that shuffled it through one account after another before landing in the greedy hands of Joe’s immediate relatives who did nothing to earn a penny of it.

The third reason is that the government willfully chose to look the other way.  Documents show that many of the top members of Obama’s administration knew and were alarmed.  But they lifted not a finger to stop it.  Meanwhile, the FBI and the Department of Justice worked sedulously to suppress and bury the incriminating evidence.  They exerted brazen political interference to make the probe disappear into a black hole of ignored crimes that mobsters can only dream about.

David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. Attorney, spent five years in a sham investigation doing everything in his power to do nothing at all except tip off Hunter’s lawyers, scuttle search warrants, forbid any questions about Joe’s involvement, deliberately allow the statute of limitations to expire, refuse to follow the overseas paper trail of cash, overlook evidence of money laundering and racketeering, and tear up a written agreement by investigators and prosecutors to bring six felony charges against Hunter.  Instead, Weiss crafted an absurd plea deal on minor misdemeanors that meant no real penalty.

Joe Biden’s devoted sycophant, Attorney General Merrick Garland, exerted undue influence to ensure that his boss was protected and that his son received preferential treatment wrapped up in a pretty bow.  At the same time, Weiss and his minions caved in to pressure from Hunter’s lawyers who threatened to put President Biden on the stand if his son was seriously charged.  Of course, you’d have to be a moron to believe that Joe would ever testify.  But that didn’t stop a frightened Weiss from folding like a beach chair.  The cowardly lion had more courage.

“President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial,” warned lawyer Chris Clark in a letter reported by Politico.  Okay, try to contain your laughter.  Joe couldn’t exonerate a squirrel over missing nuts.  What’s he going to say?  His usual blather, “My son did nothing wrong!,” won’t fly in a court of law.  Any half-decent prosecutor would eat the President’s lunch on cross-examination.  He’d be demolished in the first few minutes.

There are mountains of incriminating evidence that both Bidens were deeply engaged in influence peddling in Ukraine, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and a host of other countries.  Cash flowed like a rushing river into Biden shell companies.  Exploiting a public office for self-enrichment by conferring benefits to foreign actors constitutes bribery under 18 USC 201, as well as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The clueless mainstream media insists that none of the millions received were ever deposited in Joe’s account, so he can’t be criminally charged.  Wrong, as usual.  Read, the statute.  If the money goes to another person or entity, it’s still bribery.  It’s also conspiracy and aiding and abetting.  Moreover, Joe didn’t have to deliver anything to his foreign benefactors to be guilty of crimes.  A promise itself in exchange for money is bribery.  And, if you’ll recall your constitutional history, bribery is an impeachable offense.

There is nothing that Joe Biden could say on the witness stand that might exculpate his son.  Instead, he’d incriminate both of them when confronted with compelling evidence that shows the father was complicit in his son’s illegal schemes.  He spoke on the phone with Hunter’s foreign partners, met with them over dinner, and hosted them at the White House while Vice President.  Photographs and visitor logs are a visual reminder of Joe’s active participation.

And then there’s Burisma –the mother of all scams.  Under siege, the Ukrainian natural gas company hired Hunter as a board member at a staggering salary of $1 million a year when his father was Vice President.  After chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin seized many of the assets of CEO Mykola Zlochevsky and moved to shutter the company, the Burisma honcho met personally with Hunter in Dubai and demanded that he get his father on the phone, which he did.  Thereafter, Joe Biden flew to Kyiv and demanded the firing of Shokin or else the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer aid.

Joe’s extortion worked like a charm.  Within hours, the prosecutor was canned and the investigation into Burisma vanished overnight.  Zlochevsky was saved.  He got what he paid for.  Naturally, the senior Biden was so pleased with his machinations that he later bragged about it on camera.  Joe’s arrogance (and stupidity) exposed his own pivotal role in the pay-to-play grift that falls squarely under the bribery statutes.  It was a classic quid pro quo and the definition of corrupt acts.

The 32-page letter from Hunter’s lawyer is a vital window into how Garland, Weiss, and federal prosecutors shrank in the face of idle pressure that would be laughable in any other case.  They were afraid to bring any meaningful charges because they were told that Joe Biden would appear at trial as a witness.  Indeed, Weiss was so bullied and cowed that he didn’t want to charge anything at all.

The lack of fortitude and integrity is breathtaking.  Forget fidelity to the rule of law.  Avoiding the terrifying wrath of Joe Biden was all that mattered to Weiss and his minions.  This is exactly what IRS whistleblowers described –legitimate criminal charges that the U.S. Attorney slow-walked, diverted, and eventually quashed.

As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy correctly pointed out, the letter’s threat proves the very abuse of power that enabled the Bidens to bank millions of dollars from America’s adversaries.  “This is exactly the kind of influence that foreign actors were paying for,” he noted to Fox News.

Were it not for the rectitude of federal Judge Maryellen Noeika, who smelled a rat when the Hunter plea bargain was presented in court, the Bidens would have gotten away with their skullduggery.  She spotted the broad immunity clause attached to the gun diversion agreement and began asking penetrating questions that produced no credible answers.

When the deal suddenly imploded, Garland promptly stepped in to double down on the protection racket.  Defying federal regulations, he named Weiss as special counsel giving him unfettered authority to direct the probe away from the president, protect him from culpability, and stonewall any congressional inquiry.  The appointment solidified the favorable treatment designed to insulate Joe Biden.

For those Americans who care about honesty and justice, not all is lost.  The House Oversight Committee continues to unravel the historic corruption at the heart of the Bidens’ influence peddling schemes.  Each week brings new revelations of damning evidence that will bring the President closer to impeachment.  But that’s not all.

Rep. Jim Jordan, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has launched a new investigation into the Biden family which focuses on how Weiss negotiated the ludicrous plea deal that allowed Hunter Biden to dodge jail time, as well as Garland’s dubious testimony that no one at the Justice Department interfered in the case.

Congressman Jordan will have much more to say when he appears as a guest on my forthcoming podcast, “The Brief.”  So, stay tuned.