During an appearance on MSNBC, Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker made an extremely hypocritical complaint about Washington D.C. elites controlling too much.

While discussing the rules that set the minimum requirements to get on the DNC Presidential debate stage Senator Booker stated, “[i]nstead of letting Iowans choose, they’re being dictated to by Washington, D.C. DNC leaders. It makes no sense.”


It is extremely ironic that with Senator Booker pushing for government control of the healthcare industry, fossil fuel industry, education, business, and various other industries; he is now complaining that D.C. has too much power!

With the party that he is a member of advocating for the people of Iowa to have less of a voice with the elimination of the electoral college, as well as the government taking control over decisions that affect the everyday lives of every American, Senator Booker should take a moment and reflect on his statement that the D.C. elite have too much power.

Maybe then he will realize that he is part of the D.C. elite dictating the rules that he is complaining about.

A new year, a new decade… and a new presidential election

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  1. They would make my brain tilt if I cared enough to let them. From one moment to the next they swing back and forth changing their minds(?) as if they truly have lost them. It is indeed a carnival but without the fun. Whatever happened to people suddenly disappearing? Wouldn’t that be nice if they could just all go away, but guess that is asking for too much.

  2. Your the Best Gregg, keep fighting and thanks for giving us the True/Real information!

  3. Screwed Newark Screwing New Jersey Turn about Fair play

  4. Cory Booker sees himself as another Barack Obama and he will be screaming he lost because of the color of his skin.

  5. Love what you are doing,keep it up. Booker is just another wanna be.


  7. Booger. Drop out. Go escort more ILLEGALS
    across the border. You should be in jail.

  8. Corry Booker, part time coyote, full time idiot. Corry Booker did nothing to help NJ and his policies will do nothing to help citizens of The United States.

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