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IRS whistleblower accuses DOJ of retaliation in Hunter Biden probe

This senior IRS supervisor followed the law under the whistleblower statute which is meant to protect him.  He notified the inspector general and congress of suspected corrupt acts involving favoritism and political interference in the Hunter Biden case, including how Biden appointees blocked planned prosecution.  Now, he and his entire team have been kicked off the case.

It reeks of retaliation, which is forbidden by law.  But that’s not all.  The apparent retribution has the unmistakable stench of obstruction of a congressional investigation, which is also illegal.  It’s a crime.  Is anyone surprised?

This is a consistent pattern in Joe Biden’s orbit —covering up family corruption.  Use all means available to punish people who come forward with legitimate evidence, the law be damned.  The tactic is meant to frighten and intimidate.

There is ample evidence the president’s son pocketed millions of dollars from overseas sources and never paid a nickel of taxes on it.  That’s called tax evasion and tax fraud.  Anyone else would have been prosecuted long ago.

But, as Joe famously boasted, “No on F’s with a Biden.”  That now includes the IRS.