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espite the mainstream media actively choosing to ignore the sexual harassment allegations brought against the former vice president by his former staffer Tara Reade, it is impacting his charming public image. Well, his gaffes, memory losses, and fabricated stories haven’t helped his cause either. Emerson polling conducted a study showing Biden is dropping in polls and below Trump on one lucrative measure: who the public believes will be the next President of the United States.

The question asked to voters is “regardless of who you’re voting for, who do you think will win the Presidential election?” Donald Trump received 57% while Joe Biden received 43%. Another question speaks to the enthusiasm voters have for their candidate, which generally corresponds to more votes. “Nearly half of Joe Biden voters, 45% said they were very or extremely excited to support Biden in the general election, compared to 64% of Trump voters that said they were very or extremely excited to support Trump in November” reported the Emerson College Polling.

What then, will Democrats do in the untimely event that Biden is no longer a viable Trump opponent? Enter, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Hill writes “eventually, the coronavirus will no longer excuse the former VP’s invisibility; he will have to engage in the kind of give-and-take that often shows him getting befuddled, including real – not scripted – town halls and interviews.” And when he does, “the public will see what numerous Democrats have noted sotto voce – Obama’s former wingman is struggling with some cognitive decline.”

The Hill says Dem party officials are worried about Sanders swooping in, and are desperately seeking backup plan upon a backup plan. One such idea “has been to convince Biden to step aside in favor of the very popular Michelle Obama, seen as a sure bet to beat Trump.” However, it seems the former first lady has no interest in heading back to the White House.

“That leaves Hillary Clinton,” writes The Hill. “Biden could choose Clinton as his running mate, and then step down before the election and allow Hillary to run in his place.” The thought of that is both amusing and nauseating at the same time. The Hill mentions a townhall Clinton recently shared with Biden on women’s issues, during which she “reminisced” about her time with Obama in the White House and “recalled meetings in the Situation Room.”

Sorry Biden, but one thing is for sure; The Hill is “With Her” not you. The media outlet claims Hillary “looks stronger and more fired-up than Biden” that she has more energy, and who can forget the ever-important “bigger following on social media.” Oh, and “she has a large devoted following who, like Hillary, still cannot believe she lost in 2016,” says The Hill. Except that those devoted anti-Hillary voters devoted to not seeing her in the White House is still the larger “following.”

Biden Speaks! Reade Should Be Subject to ‘Appropriate Inquiry and Scrutiny’

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  1. 2016….the old bag, couldn’t walk “from here to there, without falling down.”
    Media’ll have to give her the FDR treatment…..cover up her extensive health deficiencies.

  2. I think the plan all along was for Hillary to be the Democrats nominee, again. My reasoning as follows:
    1) The 2016 election clearly showed that Hillary doesn’t have the stamina for a long campaign. So a way had to be found to shorten the campaigning time for her. Preferably not until after the DNC convention.
    2) Prior to Joe Biden entering the race, there were somewhere between 10 to 20 other candidates running. A way to “clear them out” had to be found that wouldn’t hurt or fracture the party. Putting Joe Biden in presented a ‘prima facie’ candidate the DNC could organize everyone else behind, knowing his ever increasing senility would ultimately render him incapable of even campaigning.
    3) Every time Joe Biden’s senility seems to make itself publicly known, Hillary “pops up” with some newsworthy comment. She is thus positioned to serve as the Democrats “savior.”
    4) For the past month the Democrats have been trying to keep Joe Biden “under wraps” and away from the public eye as much as possible. The election is still over 6-months away and that’s too long for Hillary’s limited stamina. So best to just “sit on things” waiting for the convention.

  3. Well she is a vulture so……..

  4. No I don`t think so. It will be big eared Obie 2 Tone the Demonrats will have to beg him.
    Michelle couldn`t run as a female.

  5. Where’s Hunter and his billion dollars from China?

  6. sorry, joe already failed and hilly is going to jail.

  7. hilly hijacking yet another dnc convention actually makes sense as long as no indictments get in her way.

  8. One can only hope.

  9. I don’t think she will run and I will tell you why. She was shocked and humiliated when she lost the first time to Trump. A second loss to him would put her in the grave. She is just too smart to risk that kind of embarrassment again. And she will be 4 years old and still has her walking/health problems. I may be wrong but the woman can be very predictable. She will have to go where are no steps. She can not do steps. She had her chance and lost. Period.

  10. Laying low lol.

  11. And the thought of Billary being back in the White House makes this scenario even scarier!!! Killary really does need to go to jail!

  12. Just think….Your President..Hillary is Vice President..Any untimely accident, and Hitlery becomes President.. Hey idiot Biden, this is food for thought..

  13. Dem strategy is to let the media chose the candidate and keep said candidates hidden as they repulse the general public.

  14. OMG..Can you even imagine being President with Hitlery as Vice? Talk about a dangerous situation ..

  15. May 15 she is ordered to court in person to answer questions on Bengahazi and her deleted emails, to be questioned by Judicial Watch! This could be huge! So far it hasn’t been blocked! Also, in the FBI footnotes that have came out it is now known that her emails were not deleted but installed on a dummy account so also now JW is suing Google giant for all emails related the infamous account! This two circumstances could keep her out!!

  16. Filthy brainless Democrats! You Black people better wake up; your being used as pawns again.

  17. Nail on the head… Bingo. But what about this, Maybe ol Hillry get Barack Husein Obamma to run as her V.P. ??? is that even Legal? not that legal even matters to her/them , its not legal to release a pandemic on the world either but They Did…

  18. I don’t think there’s any chance Hillary is going to pick any black as her running mate. She’s way too racist for that.

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