In an article in the New York Times, which seems more like a love letter from a fan than a piece of journalism, former FBI Director James Comey lets his true colors fly and says his existence is based around defeating President Trump.

“Mr. Comey has pledged to spend the next 13 months working to drive Mr. Trump from power… He is at once a just-the-facts lawman and a prodigious feeler of feelings, introspective about the size of his ego and incapable of suppressing it entirely… He says he is ‘not that important in the great sweep of American history’ but believes his firsthand view into the president’s psyche can offer uncommon value to the anti-Trump movement.”

Comey’s ego only seems to be in check in the one statement of not being “that important in the great sweep of American history.” Unfortunately for him, this is not true. In Gregg’s new book Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History he lays out how then FBI director Comey worked with other members of the deep state to try to bring down President Trump. In an interview for Gregg’s book, Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker told Gregg that he is speaking out to apologize to the American people for James Comey’s actions. Mr. Swecker said “[Comey] did more damage to the FBI than any FBI director in history, and he did it in only four years. I’d like to say he is an aberration; that he is a mistake.”


Mr. Comey will go down as an important person in American history. He will be highlighted in law and history books across America for years to come. The chapters that discuss his actions will show future Americans that unelected bureaucrats can abuse their power and try to nullify the votes of the American people. In the end, the historians and individuals who look at his actions will be shocked at the abuse of power, and how he and his cohorts dismissed rules and regulations in order to launch a fraudulent investigation.

Comey cements his identity and public persona to the president by saying that if President Trump is defeated, he will be able to move onto something else.

 “‘I have a fantasy about on January 21, 2021, deleting my Twitter and moving on to something else,’ he said. ‘But until then, I can’t’… Asked if helping to defeat Mr. Trump would provide a measure of catharsis given his role in 2016, Mr. Comey paused. ‘Hmm,’ he said. ‘I don’t think so. At least in my own conscious mind, I don’t connect those things’…. Mr. Comey donated money earlier this year to Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, a former law school classmate, but in the interview volunteered few opinions on the rest of the 2020 Democratic field, save for a compliment about the thoughtfulness of the South Bend, Ind., Mayor [Buttigeig].”


By admitting that he is dedicating the next 13 months of his life to “driving Trump from power,” and saying that he cannot move on until Trump is possibly out of office, Mr. Comey has made it clear that he is in desperate need of a hobby and possibly needs to go to a therapist.

WATCH: President Trump “Gregg Jarrett’s Witch Hunt Is a Must Read”

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  1. This is one pious fraud, who truly does not seem to know the difference not only between right and wrong, but between a law and a request. Lawman? What a sick joke.

  2. “in my own ‘conscious’ mind” Does he have one that goes in and out of consciousness while awake?

  3. He should spend his time lawyering up. He will need good ones

  4. Comey is mentally ill. He can’t help anyone. He needs a psycho analyst asap!

  5. The sickness of James Comey extends well beyond this one man. I think Gregg Jarrett book does a pretty good job of outlining the main characters involved in this seditious cabal to unseat a duly elected president. Unfortunately, it does not mention the wider extended net of partisan operatives, but stay tuned to the developing story (their deeds will not go unnoticed).

  6. The corrupt FBI, including comey, strzok, page, and the CIA, brennan, maccabe, clapper, etc., etc., etc., all are guilty of trying to thwart an election. These rotten hooligans put their own selfish democrat virtue-less motives over those of the nation’s public.

  7. James Comey is a traitor to the office he held as he took part in a covert effort to unseat the duly elected President of the US. He was SACKED from his post. That’s his only legacy.

  8. Comey is a nut at the least. He should be in prison foe treason. Why isn’t he?

  9. I can recommend a therapist. Comment obviously needs a lot of help/

  10. Comey needs and hopefully will, spend the next 30 years in prison, where he can have all kinds of hobbies.

  11. Good point! Agree that he is “not that important,” so who cares about his conscious mind after all.

  12. What a shameful stamp on our American justice system. Obviously corruption has gone on for years in our highest law Enforcement , government run, department. To have not detected and or allowed it to go on is a stain on America’s government.

  13. Yes Comey once your felonious actions are fully publicized you will be indicted because you’re a phony, back stabbing, lying piece of unadulterated 💩

  14. Comey will have a hard time wirking on driving our innocent POTUS out of office when he’s behind bars!

  15. No, I Think he’s a zombie along with the rest if the mindless, lawless, unhinged DEMONrat party!!

  16. You have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use it, Mr. Comey.

  17. I do not think it is his ego that is driving him. It is his extreme fear since being outed. He has nothing to lose by trying so desperately to cause harm to President Trump. comey’s worst days of his life are coming and coming soon and he knows it.

  18. Seems Jim Comey is obsessive compulsive across the board. He’ll be totally psychotic by the time Trump is re-elected.

  19. I hope you read the comments of what regular Americans think of your deplorable actions. You ARE a disgrace to the office you once held. I cannot wait until you get to see the President re- elected for 4 MORE YEARS!! Hopefully you will get to watch from behind BARS. P.S. don’t drop the soap.

  20. Two words – treasonous, narcissist


  22. I couldn’t have said it better, Joni !

  23. This person is a mirror image of Democrats and MSM. They are the worst
    generation of political leaders in American history. It begins with their
    hatred for the Christian God and his Son.
    What follows from their worldview is always death, destruction and despair.
    God is the one who will
    solve our problem with this group of treasonous liars.
    Praises to the Lord.

  24. You’re going down Jimmy along with a bunch of your cohorts.

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