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any of the Obama-era officials who had a hand in the investigation and eventual charge of Gen. Michael Flynn had “no business” seeking to unmask incoming Trump administration members, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said Thursday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with host Steve Doocy, Jarrett said that a new Justice Department (DOJ) probe — led by West Texas U.S. Attorney John Bash — into the circumstances surrounding the former Trump national security adviser’s 2017 guilty plea and unmasking will answer whether or not there were legitimate reasons for unmasking requests and “snooping” on the incoming cabinet.

“He will look at [abuses] of power and potential crimes,” he explained.

Republican lawmakers have demanded more information about the extent of the practice after a previously classified list of officials under former President Barack Obama who sought to reveal what turned out to be the identity of Michael Flynn in intelligence reports was released earlier this month.

“You have to have a legitimate stated reason of national security to unmask somebody…”

The DOJ had previously motioned to drop the Flynn case after internal memos were released raising serious questions about the nature of the inquiry.

“Look, you have to have a legitimate stated reason of national security to unmask somebody,” Jarrett stated further. “Look at the list of people during that brief transition period making unmasking requests of Michael Flynn. So many of them were partisan officials who had no business snooping and seeking to unmask the successors: incoming Trump administration.”

“Yes, there were some intel officials there and they have to have a legitimate reason,” he told Doocy.

“So, I think what Bash is going to be digging into is, ‘Let’s see the unmasking requests and reports. Were they legitimate reasons? And what are people in the Treasury Department, ambassadors, indeed Obama’s chief of staff, and Joe Biden doing making unmasking requests and snooping on the incoming administration?’” asked Jarrett.

“Those answers need to be given,” he concluded. “And, frankly, how many other people were victimized by illegitimate spying and unmaking requests?”


  1. They did it because they knew they could get by with it, they make themselves above and exempt from our laws and they just figured that they always get by with their crimes and treasons, and this is just another one that will be covered up and disappear into their dark hole’s bottomless pit. And, the republican party are complicit to their crimes and treasons and are so afraid of them, prime example is Seth Rich, Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone, and the whole string of body bags left behind from Bill and Hillary’s reign of terror.

    The demonRAT party mafia mob are dangerous, and everyone in Washington, DC knows it. This is why the republicans stay silent, to protect their families and themselves. And, with all the RINOs, who are demonRATs who ran as republicans, they know that they are double at risk, because the RINOs infiltrated the republican party to make sure they obey and shut up, so they can do more damage to the republican party and obstruct their agenda for the people and stop it before it happens.

    The communist’s have totally taken over the demonRAT party, and they have made it a mafia mob. And, every evil faction on our planet uses the demonRAT party to destroy us, to steal from our tax dollars because the demonRAT party gives them all the money they want, and if it’s not readily available to give to them, they see our social security funds calling their names so they can take it out of our social security funds to give to those enemies who want to take our country over for communism and islam and the illegal aliens. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  2. Mr. Barr, when are the indictments coming?

  3. As this and other investigations into the utilization of gov’t agencies and the I.C. by the Obama Administration into their political opposition becomes more and more transparent it will become very obvious why the defeat of Hillary Clinton sent the Democrat Party into a frenzied and ultimately illegal attempt to stop Trump. Stop him by ANY means fair or foul. Trump whatever you think of him was an existential threat to the very heart of the Democrat Party. Many of these practices were going on since LBJ’s time.

    As the American people learn of the violations of law, privacy and the Constitution most will be horrified and many totally crestfallen that Obama presided over such a wholesale violation of American citizen’s rights.

    It was assumed that Hillary would win in a landslide nothing would ever be uncovered or revealed. Once Trump was elected it dawned on the entire Administration that they were in mortal danger of complete exposure. Within one month the ramped up attacks and impeachment talk became part of the media’s narrative. Reporters were utilized to spread deceptive information, outright lies and fabrications. This was willingly engaged in by many media outlets. Particularly CNN, MSNBC, Wash. Post and the NYT.

    The calliope of accusations, assertions and outright fake “facts” injected into society the poisonous idea that Trump was an agent of Russia, a tax cheat and a mentally ill person. This drumbeat continued for over two years. The FBI/CIA/DOJ all attempted to rope him into some crime or other for an impeachment attempt.

    Then got Flynn who really knew where the violations took place. The false SPO was established to distract from the attempts to determine the how and why of this collusion hoax. They found nothing to “get” Trump on but “suggested” he obstructed their investigation by objecting to its’ very existence. He turned out to be right. It never should have been undertaken. It was a fraud from day one and they knew it.

    Next was the over blown, full of exaggerations and outright falsehoods, whistleblower complaint by a political operative that resulted in a hurried and ill founded impeachment attempt by the House and Adam Schiff. When that failed the road was open for AG Barr to discover the extent of the spying by gov’t agencies.

    AG Barr himself was attacked ruthlessly from almost day one. Every true thing he said was attacked as protecting Trump and calling for his resignation. Democrats were in a complete panic. Media had bought in and were now trapped along with the Democrats in this web of lies and cover-ups. The cable news industry might just be destroyed by their participation in this coup attempt.

    As Americans wake up to width and breath of this Constitutional crises many institutions and people will rue thee day they thought they could pull off something like removing, illegally, a duly elected POTUS. The Trump haters really can’t see past their personal hatred to the larger issues. Many were openly wishing for him to be assassinated, get sick and just be removed from office legally, or illegally so this scandal probably will not change their minds one bit. That is too bad since they will always be the people who put personal politics before their country or oath of Office.

  4. Trump’s election has cost many insiders billions and billions of dollars that usually flowed into the pockets of connected and/or elected officials. I am surprised they tried to remove him legally and or illegally. JFK met his end because powerful and connected individuals could not allow him to continue as POTUS. The Warren Commission was a complete whitewash that prevented a civil war over that assassination.

    With Trump some thought that the Deep State operatives could neutralize him or dump him. This New York street fighter survived the Manhattan Real Estate Jungle and made good. D.C. proved to be a serious but lesser challenge. Really don’t know what other individual could have survived the onslaught of insiders, powerbrokers and media people intent on getting rid of him.

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