Jarrett on Hannity: Comey, McCabe and Strzok Most Likely to be Investigated

Gregg Jarrett


ast night on Fox News’ Hannity program, Gregg Jarrett appeared with John Solomon and Sara Carter to discuss the latest news on the General Michael Flynn case, as well as the release of transcripts of interviews that the House Intelligence Committee conducted as part of the Russia collusion hoax investigation. During the segment, Sean Hannity asked Gregg if he were to identify crimes by deep state actors, who would be on the list of officials that might now be under investigation, watch below:

“The three people who were surely at the top of the investigative microscope list would be James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok. I think there are three distinct areas that the U.S. Attorney John Durham and William Barr are looking at, that would be lying to the FISA court, the Flynn case to be sure, and the overall collusion investigation, how it was handled by the FBI and federal prosecutors. I think we need to be reminded of what William Barr said. This was an investigation launched by the FBI without a legal basis and later used it to sabotage the Trump Presidency. The following federal criminal statutes would be in play: Obstruction of justice, perjury, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and deprivation of rights under color of law, otherwise known as an abuse of power. Barr and Durham are very serious about holding people accountable because Barr said on our air “If people broke the law and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.” I think that also includes people in the Obama White House, the intelligence community, John Brennan, and others.”

Many of the facts that are now beginning to be revealed were predicted in both of Gregg’s books, Witch Hunt, and The Russia Hoax.  With James Clapper previously stating that President Obama was the one who ordered the intelligence community to “assemble all the reporting” on possible Russian collusion, and now Sally Yates’ transcripts showing that President Obama knew many of the facts around the Flynn case, U.S. Attorney Durham and AG Barr have a lot more to investigate.


  1. Conspiracy, sedition, treason, withholding exculpatory evidence, destruction of subpoenaed evidence, falsifying documents,…… A long list of crimes for which these thugs should be investigated.

  2. Sounds like, Looks like, Smells like a smidgen of OBAMA DRAMA to me.{*j*}

  3. Obama will have some ‘splaining to do.

  4. What do you mean TO BE investigated?? Haven’t investigations already been going on?? Get on with the indictments and put these people in jail for god sake!!!

  5. Not more bloody investigations!!!! We need indictments. IF these individuals are now to be investigated, how long will it take? We’re in Trump’s fourth year and so far, not one deep state Obama rogue has been prosecuted for anything. Why?

    My guess is that the system is designed for all these culprits to be “untouchables”. And who would have believed that in America, “Abuse of Power” is not an actual crime? But that in fact what all these rogues did… abused their power.

  6. Then Hung as Traitors.

  7. “Likely to be investigated”? LIKELY to go to JAIL!

  8. he needs jail time too! If NOT, can we deport him?

  9. Re-call the NOBEL from the Obama entourage of criminals!! If they had succeeded in their treasonous act our country would become KGB STYLE OF GOVERNING!!!!! Many thanks to our Lord for their failure!!!!! Put all of them in jail including the NOBEL winner!!!!!

  10. Without presupposing the guilt of the main figures in this case any outcome without a criminal trial will be unacceptable to the American people. Politics aside the left wants this to just go away since it was advanced with their help and that of the media who operate within a slave/master relationship.

    Media printed what they were instructed to and hide sources, covered over inconsistencies and in the case of Rep. Schiff knowingly spread his obvious lies and slanders thinking Trump would be removed from office and their duplicity would never see the light of day. They are truly the “enemies of the people” and should never be completely trusted again. No human institution including religions should exist without some type of scrutiny and that surly includes the FBI/CIA/DOJ and all other gov’t agencies and people working therein. The more power that is given the closer those agencies need to be monitored and overseen.

    Since the left is very willing to allow this travesty it must be concluded that their hatred of a single man overrides any other consideration of equality under the law and innocent until proven guilty or simple justice. They have forfeited any right to consideration of their many twisted and tortured responses to this horrid “Spygate” assault on our nations Justice System and most Americans idea of fairness.

    Innocents in jail and even assassinations have become acceptable within the leftist Trump hating community. TDS is a real mental imbalance. They have truly adopted the methods and results of a Communist or tyrannical gov’t. to achieve their political ideas. The second amendment was incorporated to protect Americans from exactly this type of gov’t overreach and oppression. Media has enabled ALL the illegal activities and continues to defend and even hires the architects of this criminal conspiracy as spokespeople.

    Trump will be gone within 5 years at most and history will write his legacy. Might just be the death of radical leftist ideology for a generation or two. We can only hope.

  11. The Globalists and their handmaidens on the left ran up against a force of nature and a product of American society. TRUMP with all his flaws appears able to resist and even overcome the concerted efforts of the established left and their enablers in the media.

    Alternative media have torn the cover off this conspiracy and exposed the maggot ridden corpse of leftist ideology and the type of gov’t they strive towards. No more excuses for voting for radicals. You know what they are about and you become a part of the problem if you continue to support their methods and tactics.

    The Schiff’s, Nancies, Chucks and many others knew what they were doing but did it anyway. Laws, Justice and anything else was NEVER a consideration only the destruction of one Donald J Trump. Love him or hate him this was a coup attempt of the first order and an act of treason.

    Watch closely and you sill see NO apologies, backtracking or anything else that might indicate that the left understands their criminal acts are wrong and against everything America stands for. Watch and listen. You will hear nothing. Keep supporting them and you become part of the problem. Corporate media is their megaphone and should be abandoned by any American with a conscience. This media continues to twist the truth and misinform Americans on a daily basis.

  12. Burnt-I could not agree more!!! You are spot on. However I believe those of us that are hopping these perpetrators will face justice may never occur!!! If by any chance the senile wins the election you can bet they will sweep it under the rug with the help of the crooked media that we have!!! And yet again another defeat for our justice system!!!

  13. LIKELY< so never is the truth. spot on.

  14. This forum is new to me. I happen to like Gregg Jarrett, and everyday, I’m encouraged to see that there are more and more people who are not willing to keep quiet regarding the LCLI Dem controlled “news” media.

  15. Re: Comey, Brennan etc.

    What about violations of Hatch Act for activities prior to election.

    All civilian employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president and the vice president, are covered by the provisions of the Hatch Act.

    These employees may not:

    use official authority or influence to interfere with an election

  16. RiCO should also apply.

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