Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

In episode 5 of The Impeachment Witch Hunt with Gregg Jarrett, Gregg speaks to David Schoen, Federal Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer, about Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to dictate the rules of impeachment to the Senate. 


With more and more Democrats publicly stating that the articles of impeachment need to be sent to the Senate, Nancy Pelosi’s gamble appears to be a major loss for the Democrats in a pivotal election year. With it all but guaranteed that the Senate will acquit the charges against President Trump, the Democrats might want to start working on their next hoax against the President.

Devil’s Horns Rise Over Iran

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  1. They are accusing the President of things they do. I hope it all comes out.

  2. Why are these members Talib and Omar not Censored by Congress for their Anti American rhetoric , enough is enough of this ! Nuf Said

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