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JARRETT: ‘The law is very clear,’ lawsuits in key battleground states are ‘deeply troubling’

Two days after Election Day, the fate of the 2020 race remains in limbo.  And as ballots are still being counted in several key battleground states, the Trump campaign is taking legal action. 

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett broke down the lawsuits and explained just how critical they are to ensuring a free and fair election. 

“A poll watcher has to be able to watch and under the law, they are entitled to what’s called meaningful access. Well, 100 feet away, you can’t see anything so it’s meaningless,” he said in a Wednesday interview with Sean Hannity. 

“So these lawsuits have been filed to force the state of Michigan to allow these poll watchers, because that distance away you cannot see the vote, you can’t see the ballot, you can’t see the signature, you can’t see the tabulation, you can’t even see the postmark on the ballot.”

But Michigan is not the only state facing a lawsuit. 

“The other kind of lawsuits filed in Georgia and Pennsylvania are deeply troubling,” Jarret said. 

“The law is very clear, for example, in Pennsylvania passed by the legislature: all ballots must be received by the board of elections no later than 8 p.m. on the day of election, yesterday. But the state supreme court in Pennsylvania said ‘we don’t care about the law.’ These are, by the way, elected Democrats on the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania.”

“So they invented out of thin air their own law. They’re not lawmakers, they’re justices and they said ‘we’ll start counting ballots that are received on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.’ Well that’s not what the law says,” he continued. 

Jarrett urged that these lawsuits could have been avoided if the United States Supreme Court had stepped in weeks ago when Republicans fought to overturn Pennsylvania’s decision to count ballots received days after the election.