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JARRETT: Trump vaccine ‘one of the greatest scientific achievements’ in history

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett joined ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night to discuss the democrat double standard when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. 

Though democrats will forever criticize and downplay President Trump’s coronavirus response, the facts are clear: Trump created Operation Warp Speed, he built hospitals and ventilators, he sourced masks, gowns, gloves and PPE and he was behind the production of the vaccine. 

“This is one of the greatest scientific achievements in American history, maybe world history,” Jarrett said. “Democrats and the media hate Donald Trump so much, all they can do is criticize him for engineering and funding and pushing relentlessly Operation Warp Speed – in 8 months – a 95 percent effective vaccine, what would otherwise take a decade,” he continued. 

“Think of the millions of lives that will be saved. And yet, democrats and the media, all they can do is criticize Donald Trump.”

Jarrett blasted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the reckless decisions he’s made since the pandemic hit last March. 

“Governor Andrew Cuomo even threatened to sue President Trump over this and Cuomo, this is the guy whose reckless order to send COVID patients into nursing homes directly caused the deaths of thousands of people, he won’t take responsibility for it, in fact he won’t admit he ordered it, although there it is in print, in black and white,” he said. 

“Instead, all he does is yuck it up on CNN with his brother Chris Cuomo cracking jokes and making fun of it all as 33,000 New Yorkers died as a result of COVID. But the biggest fool and hypocrite award clearly goes to Gavin Newsom,” he added.  

With several vaccine manufacturers – including Pfizer and BioNTech – set to apply for emergency use with the Food and Drug Administration, both Hannity and Jarrett said they would take it. 

“I took the flu shot just last week, I do it every year. I will absolutely take the vaccine,” he said. 

“There are some countries that are, in fact, considering making it mandatory. Everybody has to take the COVID vaccine,” he continued. 

Imagine that. 

Jarrett also called out Kamala Harris for pompously signaling a refusal to take the vaccine. 

“Then you’ve got Kamala Harris who’s suggesting in a debate that she might not take the vaccine because Donald Trump was behind the development of the vaccine, even though it was done by highly regarded scientists and pharmaceutical companies and the FDA will have to approve it based on safety.”