Jarrett’s “Witch Hunt” Special Holds Magnifying Glass to Mueller’s Dishonest Report

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regg Jarrett’s latest episode of the special series “Witch Hunt” on Fox Nation unearths the newest revelations we have come to learn about the Mueller report. “The Mueller probe was launched not to find wrongdoing from the Trump administration, but to cover up wrongdoing by Mueller’s colleagues, by his protégé James Comey, by the corrupt Obama administration Department of Justice” The Federalist’s Sean Davis expressed to host Jarrett.

Representative Nunes and others have given evidence that Mueller knew there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia but carried on his investigation nonetheless. Mueller “knew the day that he walked in the door there was no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians” Representative Nunes, ranking Republican of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News in May of 2019.

Mueller’s report had one agenda, and one agenda only declares “With Hunt” guest Sean Davis: “from the beginning, the Mueller investigation existed to not protect the rule of law, but to protect the FBI and DOJ from scrutiny for their crimes.”

Davis uses their response to requests for documentation as evidence; “you can actually see it in how it responded to requests for documentation…the House of Representatives…had multiple requests, multiple subpoenas that were out there that effectively were never answered.”

Now, says Davis, “even though they claim they answered them…now what we learned is that they lied and misled Congress by omission.” In addition, Davis suggests that the Mueller investigation was purposely delayed until after the 2018 midterm elections “through the 2019 changeover of power in the House.”

Why? The reasoning is obviously astute. “They needed to make sure that Republicans were no longer in control. They needed to make sure that somebody like Adam Schiff, who is a complete liar and fraud, would be able to run interference for them.”

That is exactly what Schiff did.

Rep. Nunes Promises “Criminal Referrals” to Gregg Jarrett in Fox Nation Special

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  1. I just wonder when will all these officials that have either lied under oath, or were involved in criminal activities be brought to justice?????? The news media has shown their true faces!! They are not reporting nor are they giving honest unbiased opinions and news. Let us look at Adam Schiff!!!!!! For the past 3 years he was a fixture day in day out claiming he had evidence Trumps campaign had colluded with the Russians. He even went as far as trying to impeach freely elected President. It would have been the biggest crime in the history of any democratic nation in the world had he succeeded.!! After putting this President and his family, plus the American people through all sorts of lying theories and spending over $ 30 million dollars of the taxpayers hard earned money and enriching Mueller plus the 17 Clinton lovers of the bar association and not one republican on the investigating team for 3 years and came up with zero evidence!!! The dossier was a fake document crated with the funds of Hillary and the DNC. SO I ASK MYSELF IF THE MEDIA WANTS TO GET BACK SOME OF THE PUBLIC TRUST WHY THEY DO NOT ASK ADAM SCHIFF ON NATIONAL TELEVISION TO SHOW TO THE COUNTRY HIS EVIDENCE!!!!!! HE HAS BEEN SINGING THIS FOR 3 DAMN YEARS!!! PUT UP OR SHUT THE MOUTH FOREVER!!!!!!

  2. I hold them all accountable for their actions and intentions.

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