Jordan: Schiff Does Not Allow Whistleblower Say Who He Spoke With

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After a closed-door interview with another impeachment witness who is claiming their feelings and opinions are credible evidence in a case to impeach President Trump, Representative Jim Jordan informed the press that Representative Schiff is refusing to allow witnesses to answer the simplest of questions.
Representative Jordan said, “I think most of you know chairman Schiff has prevented the witness from answering certain questions we have during the deposition. One of the things you do in these depositions is ask the basics, who, what, where, when, why.

You ask those questions. When we asked the whistleblower who he spoke to after important events in July, Adam Schiff said, no-no-no we’re not going to let him answer that question.  Even though at the start of every one of these depositions, you all know this already, at the start of every single one he says this is not classified. He tells us that. The witness has their counsel there, their lawyer there. They don’t need Adam Schiff being chairman and lawyer. But that’s what happened today.” 


It is extremely odd that Representative Schiff is not allowing such simple questions to be answered. This only causes more questions of whether the whistleblower and other witnesses were coordinating their testimony with Representative Schiff’s office.

Considering he lied about his contacts with the initial whistleblower, and meeting with Micheal Cohen before his congressional testimony, this seems to be a highly likely scenario.

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  1. Why are any Republicans participating in this sham show at all? There was and is no crime, regardless of anyone’s “feelings”. Stop giving Pelosi what she wants.

  2. how do you know if pelosi or schiff is lying….? Their lips are moving.

  3. Who and why did they meet with Michael Cohen?? Wth does that have to do with anything?

  4. The order of the incredulous game—stranger and stranger–we have a “thing” here—not a person–all the more—the “script” seem’s to have been “written”–somehow-still mannequin’s and puppet’s—and the grifter yet spin’s the wheel-hoping to find some odd variance-as an opening thru which to escape(merely a “thought”–not fully guaranteed)

  5. Why are the republicans endorsing this hearing?
    They should not participate in any matters which involve the President.

  6. If the whistleblower ( Schiff’s lying puppet) can’t answer any questions to get to the facts, the motive of this impeachment fiasco is even more clear. The House “mob” want to perpetuate the drama they started in 2016 to remove all opposition. They have no concept of honesty and truth, and they certainly don’t care about how much this drama costs the taxpayers. They lie, cheat the taxpayers, and want to steal our freedoms- sounds like criminal action to me.

  7. The American people know this is a sham and extremely unfair to our President. It will come back to bite the libotards in the a**.

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