Judicial Watch: FBI Knew McCain Leaked Steele Dossier, Now Blames Coronavirus For Not Releasing Documents

Barack Obama
Barack Obama


ouldn’t you know it, as documents from the Russia collusion hoax are finally being made public, the Department of Justice has suspended its electronic Freedom of Information Act operations. Yesterday, Judicial Watch released a joint status report in its FOIA lawsuit for records about Justice Department officials Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr. The Ohrs were heavily involved in the anti-Trump Steele dossier.

Judicial Watch was conveniently told by the FBI’s Assistant Section chief of FBI Records/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS) that it is unable to continue searching for documents. Employees who would conduct the search “have been designated as not mission-critical and sent home as of March 17, 2020.” Chief Michael G. Seidel added while they “anticipate” its staff will return to work on March 30, “this situation remains fluid and will be regularly re-assessed as circumstances change.”

On Tuesday of this week, Judicial Watch announced its receipt of “138 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page.” In the records, it is revealed that the FBI, under the Obama administration, was aware that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) had leaked the Steele dossier. One email from January 10 of 2017, Strzok said the Steele dossier version published by BuzzFeedwas “identical’ to the version given to the FBI by McCain and had ‘differences’ from the dossier provided to the FBI by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and Mother Jones reporter David Corn.”

Judicial Watch reported additional information from the emails such as “FBI agents mocking President Trump a few weeks before he was inaugurated. In addition, the emails reveal the Strzok communicated with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about the ‘leak investigation’ tied to the Clinton Foundation (the very leak in which McCabe was later implicated).” Anyone out there still believe there was no agenda to disrupt Trump’s presidency?

The Department of Justice did not respond to Judicial Watch’s December 2017 request for all communications between Strzok and Page, which then led to the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in January of 2018. Judicial Watch states that the FBI “has only processed the records at a rate of 500 pages per month and has refused to process text messages.” Therefore, “at this rate, the production of these communications would not be completed until at least late 2021.”

But wouldn’t you know it, they now get to blame a global pandemic for pushing it out even further.


  1. Blow the whistle or resign (or both) are the only choices for a person of integrity.

  2. But do bear in mind, the DOJ/FBI are the foot soldiers tasked with carrying out this corrupt coup against President Trump. The head(s) of the snake must be identified, exposed, and removed. This will go far beyond DOJ/FBI, mark my words.

  3. I am old enough to remember when the FBI actually earned our respect as a Law Enforcement and investigation body. Boy has that changed. Even with all the cover ups the scandals just keep unfolding. Failure to track the 911 terrorists. Waco. Ruby Ridge. Atlanta. The lab fiasco. And now the politicization.
    Our hard won democracy is in deep trouble.
    I also was a McCain supporter; i was a career military officer and believed he was a man of principle until his role in delivering the Steele Dossier was exposed.

  4. ? he did so while a guest at the Hilton Hanoi?? ..he needed a Presidential Pardon….

    what he did during the Keating 5 scandal should have ended his career …but it now seems he prostituted himself to keep the perks!!

  5. Barr is far worse than those two. His starting yet another investigation outside the reach of congress is so blatantly wrong and misuse of power he should be fired but since he is Trumps lackey that won’t happen.

  6. This video nullifies itself when Greg stated the dossier was funded by the Clinton campaign and the dossier was filled with inaccuracies. First off the dossier was funded by the republican that started it. He was required to pay an upfront fee to cover costs and no matter how you cut it that’s funding it. It was only offered to the Clinton campaign after the funder decided he didn’t want it and didn’t pay the final fees. But hey, what do facts matter in the con bubble. Point two, that there were inaccuracies was never a secret as it was stated from the beginning is had not been vetted. So, once again, what does the truth matter in the con bubble. The witch hunt of all witch hunts was the way cons went after Hillary. 8 Benghazi investigation proved all cons were interested in was trying to find something they could cling to in order to demonize her as much as possible and they found it on the 8TH try. And even then they couldn’t make their case because they didn’t have one. So spare me the witch hunt propaganda as it is nothing but lies and deflections and people need to move on. So far three investigations have all stated the Russia investigation was properly started yet cons just can’t let go. Why? HATE, it’s that simple and it is tearing this country apart.

  7. As a matter of fact, I was fired from a job several years ago when I called to report to the Attorney General of my state that my employer was hiring illegal workers. So, yea, there are good people who do the right thing. Which reminds me of the time I arrested the father of the Chief of Police for DUI when I was a 21 year old rookie cop. The Lt. who came in to run the Breathalyzer about pooped his pants when he saw who it was. He said I might want to rethink my actions. I told him that “No, I was willing to do the right thing and would call the Chief after the test was run. After the test was administered, I called the Chief at 2 A.M. and told him I had arrested his Dad for DUI and he had a blood alcohol content of .16 (twice the limit at the time). The Chief said, “Put him in a cell and tell him I’ll be there about 9 to bail him out. Good job, Officer.” Click.

  8. There is nothing by the book being done by Trump, Barr, and republicans. Even a con senate investigation said the Russian investigation was started legally but immoral cons just can’t accept that fact and want to redo, redo some more and keep redoing until they find some ridiculous thread to cling to. 8 Benghazi investigations by cons found no wrong doing but it didn’t stop them from do-overs until they found their thread and made an issue out of nothing. Cons are the party of hate and have been hate mongering since Reagan started his war on “welfare mothers”. That was the first demonization aimed at creating an us against them theme and stupid cons were more than happy to participate bringing us the this sad, sorry state of affairs. The only good con is one that has been deported to Russia, Donnies’ little safe place.

  9. Hard to know that John McCain was so deranged. He must have hated Mr. Trump a lot to go to this degree.

  10. The traitors are still in charge, have not been removed.

  11. I am glad he is gone…just saying.

  12. Bingo!

  13. Yeah, that pain in the butt had ethics. He just had to go.

  14. So…Director Wray….
    not only did the FBI construct a complete HOAX……

    COVID-19 was here a long, Long, LONG time ago….
    preventing the release of documents for FOUR YEARS.

    Got it.

  15. I think trial + conviction all boils down to reelection.

  16. God bless Tom Fitton. The turtle beats the rapid rabbit once again.

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