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L.A. Councilmember Calls to Defund Police As Taxpayers Paid $100K For Her LAPD Security

The very leaders and public figures who condemn the second amendment do so while simultaneously being protected by law enforcement or bodyguards who are carrying guns.


[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”I” font=”Ultra” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]t’s the liberal hypocrisy as old as time. The very leaders and public figures who condemn the second amendment do so while simultaneously being protected by law enforcement or bodyguards who are carrying guns. A Los Angeles City Council leader went a step further and called for defunding the Los Angeles Police Department; her personal security detail is made of LAPD officers.


LA City Council President Nury Martinez “has used members from the LAPD, often two at a time, to guard her home over the course of two months” reported Fox Business. Southern California’s Spectrum News 1 initially broke the story.

Journalist Natalie Brunell tweeted on Monday, “While one LA Councilmember was introducing a motion to cut $150 million in #LAPD funding, that official also had round-the-clock private security provided by the department at their home. @LAPPL calls it hypocrisy, adding it may have cost taxpayers around $100k.”

Martinez has received some backlash and the NYPD is fighting back. Det. Jamie McBride, director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the LAPD’s union, responded “it’s kind of ironic. Here she is demanding $150 million be reallocated from the police budget, but yet she has security at her house by the Los Angeles Police Department.”


Neighbors of Martinez didn’t want to speak to Spectrum News 1 on camera but “confirmed the units had been there for two months” and said they were pleased to have the security of the LAPD during the past months. LAPD sources confirmed they had been directed to “provide 24/7 security” almost always staffed by two officers. On May 6 the timing was slightly decreased to only patrol from 7 am to 9 pm “with roving patrol checks overnight.”

McBride, who has been in law enforcement for 30 years said of the LAPD protecting Martinez: “It’s disgusting. For two officers in front of a residence since April, you’re probably over $100,000 of the people’s money.”

Spectrum News 1 received the following statement from the spokesman for the Council President: “After death threats to the Council President and her daughter and safety concerns that began over a month ago, LAPD recommended that placing a detail at her home was the best course of action to ensure the safety of the Council President and her family.”

LAPD could not offer details as to whether or not credible threats existed, but what we do know is “the protection detail was canceled Thursday night” when Martinez’s office was first contacted by Spectrum News 1. Who will Martinez call when she and her daughter receive death threats if she and her liberal cohorts succeed in dismantling the police?

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