If you were one of the millions of United States citizens, or one of the billions of people across the world, who did not watch last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, you won the night. Not only was the debate a complete waste of time when it came to the candidates, but also the questioning and formatting of the program made it pointless.

If CNN had decided to allow a kindergarten class to run the debate, and supply their own candidates, the debate could have had better questions and answers, and undoubtedly would have been far more entertaining. 


Even Obama aide and CNN contributor Van Jones said that the candidates’ performance made him believe Trump would get reelected. Jones said,  “I want to say that tonight for me was dispiriting. Democrats got to do better than what we saw tonight. There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out, and I want to see a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible.”

There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out

Earlier this morning on MSNBC host Joe Scarborough stated that “nobody looked good on the debate stage last night. It was probably everybody’s weakest performance.”

With Trump supporters and the strongest anti-Trumpers uniting in their opinion on this horrific democratic field of candidates, it is looking more and more likely that the media will be continuing to have meltdowns for the next five years after Trump wins re-election. Their therapist will be very happy with their continued need for counseling.

Top 5 Things to Watch For in Tonight’s Dem Debate

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  1. How can anyone of these morons defeat a strong economy, lowest unemployment ever, lowest African American unemployment, lowest Hispanic unemployment, companies coming back, small businesses thriving, consumer confidence very high and strongest army!! These bunch of brainless fruitcakes have no chance!!!! They are sore losers and have been trying to take this great president down with the help of Pelosi aka Prune face, Adam Schit aka Malinkoff and best of all the pimps of MSM AND HOLLYWOOD!!!!! Wake up morons the party of the corrupt Hussein Obama and Hiltary along with blown facial creep traitor of Vietnam Kerry –IS OVER R.I.P.!!!!!!

  2. no reason to have any more and certainly was no reason to have the ones they did. the democrats socialist agenda and plan is a non starter in this country. lets face it the people of this country are either veterans or have family members that are that went into the military to defend this country against communism and the democrats believe these very same people want to vote for it. how stupid is that? president trump is doing an amazing job and it would be insane to replace him with anyone out there especially the clowns the democrats have running. but we all have to get out and vote because the democrats will be cheating their ass’s off to win and we can’t let that happen.

  3. All part of the plan. Hillary will be the nominee in a brokered convention. The set up is almost finished.

  4. I AGREE that this debate was a failure.
    In fact I would say the winner was TRUMP & HE WASNT EVEN THERE.

  5. Would have had a lot more viewers if they had not of shut Andrew Yang out ,with the way they ran the polling for this debate, They put off a lot of people with the outright bias in the way they have run all of the debates .Each one worse than the others .And not just to screw Yang but also the rest of the lesser knowns ,who ,though they might not be at the top of the HEAP ,, They still have some good points to make. If anything .once again President trump took home the top spot last night.

  6. All their relatives are on a board in Ukraine collecting millions.

  7. Make no mistake, Warren is a Socialist and Sanders a Marxist. Both don’t know God and could care less about our true Christian Heritage.

  8. They are some evil people and they care nothing about the American people. All they care about is their own agenda of turning us into a socialist country and we are not having that. That and lining their own pockets with dirty money. They hated Trump before he was ever elected because he can’t be bought. The best President our country has seen in my lifetime. Trump 2020!

  9. Drove out to grave yards to put flower on my folks grave. On way out I saw a big Tombstone about four feet high! With a Donkey picture on it! Got out to look closer. Saw the word DEMOCRAT WITH R.I.P! Somebody put these names on it in magic marker—- Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Kerry, Water, Schummer, Northam, Cooper, and plenty more! Call them all ANTI-AMERICA!

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