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Law mandating gender-neutral toy aisles in CA went in to effect Monday

California’s gender-neutral toy aisles law went into effect Monday. The law passed by a whopping 49-16 majority along party lines in the state legislature in September of 2021 before it was signed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

In the law, it is mandated that retail department stores that sell any childcare items or toys, have a total of 500 or more employees, and is physically located in California, to “maintain a gender neutral section or area.”

According to the law, the designation of the aisles is at the retailer’s discretion, “in which a reasonable selection of the items and toys for children that it sells shall be displayed, regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.”

According to CNN, Democratic California assemblyman Evan Low introduced the bill after supposedly having a conversation with an 8-year-old girl. Allegedly the girls asked, “why should a store tell me what a girl’s shirt or toy is?”

Low has a history of extreme legislating. National Review reports that Low co-authored a law proposed by progressive state senator Scott Wiener enshrining tourism for child gender transition procedures and hormone injections.

The law also makes California a “sanctuary state” for out-of-state children to receive gender reconstructive surgery and hormone therapy without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

“The law includes a number of provisions designed to insulate residents of red states that have banned child gender-transition from prosecution. Under the law, California courts and lawyers are prohibited from enforcing subpoenas imposed by other states demanding that health-care providers disclose when they perform such medical procedures on minors” adds National Review.