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Lawsuit Claims High School Students Refusing to Identify With An Oppressed Group Was a Sign of Privilege


A mixed-race high school senior in Nevada is suing his taxpayer-funded charter school over “coercive ideological indoctrination” due to the school’s Critical Race Theory-based curriculum. The student says as part of the school assignments, students were required to reveal “racial, sexual, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and religious identities.”  Instructors often referred to the students as “social justice warriors.”

The student’s mother, Gabrielle Clark, who is black, alleges her son was subjected to a hostile classroom environment and that he experienced discrimination during the year-long mandatory class “Sociology of Change.” Clark’s son states he was instructed to “unlearn” the “basic Judeo-Christian principles [his mother] imparted to him, and then [the school] retaliated against [him.]”

The curriculum “inserted consciousness-raising and conditioning exercises under the banner of ‘Intersectionality’ and ‘Critical Race Theory’ according to the lawsuit. Additionally, the “sessions…are not descriptive or informational in nature, but normative and prescriptive: they require pupils to ‘unlearn’ and ‘fight back’ against ‘oppressive’ structures allegedly implicit in their family arrangements, religious beliefs and practices, racial, sexual, and gender identities, all of which they are required to divulge and subject to non-private interrogation.”

Specifically, the lawsuit claims the student is being forced by his school “to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments which were subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators.”

The student was also forced or coerced to accept and affirm discriminatory claims with which he does not agree. The complaint states he was regularly threatened “with material harm including a failing grade and non-graduation if he failed to comply with their requirements.”