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Lee Zeldin: Schiff is Leading a Clown Show

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Following his interview on ABC This Week, Rep. Lee Zeldin decided to double down on calling out Rep. Schiff and the Democrats’ extremely unprofessional proceedings in pushing for the impeachment of President Trump. During remarks made before the closed-door testimony of Fiona Hill, a former adviser to President Trump on Russia, Zeldin once again pointed out that Schiff and the Democrats are “cherry-picking facts”, “withholding other key facts and then also outright lying.”

This is nothing new. In Gregg’s new book, Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History,  he shows how the media, the deep state, and Democrats all worked together by “cherry-picking facts” and lying in order to try to take down President Trump.

“[W]hat you are seeing is a strategy by Adam Schiff and the Democrats. You have closed-door depositions in his bunker here in the basement of the United States capitol and then to cherry-pick out facts that they think can be spun to best help make their case by also withholding other key facts and then also outright lying. The formula is there for the entire American public to see… I  am seeing some reporting over the course of the last 24 hours that the new best evidence to try to take down the President for quid pro quo is that people believe that ambassador Sondland is going to testify that President Trump told him that there was no quid pro quo. I’m scratching my head as I’m watching the news. This is your best evidence? Your freshest evidence? Your new angle? That President Trump had a quid pro quo because he told ambassador Sondland there would be no quid pro quo…There is so much that is so wrong about this entire clown show but it is really important when talking about the hold on aid and the quid pro quo that please, just start covering everything else that you do know, even if it doesn’t help take down a sitting President.”

Congressman Zeldin’s last point is one of the most important. The Democrats’ new evidence of a crime is them hoping that Ambassador Sondland will tell them that there was no quid pro quo. They seek to claim proof of a crime occurring by saying that a person who would have witnessed the crime is saying that no crime occurred.

This shows that they have no true case for impeachment and are merely seeking to destroy “a sitting President”. In the process of doing so, they are throwing the American political system into utter chaos.